Top 5 Free Things To Do in Montenegro

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Montenegro is a relatively small country by surface, but it is a country that offers something for everyone’s preferences. Whether it is a family trip, a trip with friends, or a solo trip, Montenegro offers countless opportunities and unique experiences that will make your vacation and your stay unforgettable. 
Enjoy the many beaches of the Adriatic Sea, climb the peaks of the high mountains, explore the Old Towns and nature parks, enjoy boat rides, hiking and biking, art and culture.

Below we present you the top 5 free things to do in Montenegro


1. Hiking and Cycling

People all over the world use every free moment to run away from the city bustle. They indulge in different kinds of activities such as hiking, cycling, mountain biking etc. Cycling and hiking are ideal types of recreation that have a great impact on your health, but also on your fitness and appearance. These are activities for all nature lovers and adrenaline addicts that enjoy the view of mountain tops, enjoy exploring untrod paths, and staying in untouched nature. 

Our country has beautiful regions and groomed trails for fans of these activities. Here we have prepared the top 5 national cycling trails and wild hiking routes in Montenegro that you can explore in your free time. Our additional recommendation is to visit the first panoramic route in Podgorica the Korita Circuit that leads to the mountain area of Kuči, and the cliffs of the breathtaking Cijevna canyon.


2. Sightseeing 

Montenegro has a variety of natural and wild resources. For this reason, Montenegrin natural beauties, from the coast to the high mountains, provide numerous opportunities for excursions, which is always on the lists for favourite free activities to do in Montenegro. Montenegro boasts monuments at every turn, whether they are from the Middle Ages (or earlier) or monuments from temporary history. Check out some of the most famous preserved religious monuments of Montenegro.  

Montenegro is also full of Old Towns that best retell the turbulent and rich history of Montenegro. The most popular are Old Town Kotor, Old Town Budva, Old Town Ulcinj, Old Town Herceg Novi. We have prepared a mini-guide of the best Old Towns to visit in Montenegro, handpicked by local experts. In addition to Old Towns, Montenegro has a rich region of fortresses from Herceg Novi, through Kotor, all the way to the Old Towns of Budva and Ulcinj.


3. Camping or Picnic 

Whether you are in Montenegro for a holiday, summer vacation, travel or extended weekend, you shouldn’t be having any problems finding the activity that suits you the most. Due to the Mediterranean climate known as mild and pleasant, the weather will be on your side. If you’re not the adventurous type, and you prefer a calmer way to spend your time, other things can be tailored to your preferences and your pace.

Many natural locations in Montenegro are public and can be used for organising picnics, and most can be used without charge. Those are in general nature parks, which are free of charge and 5 national parks, where the entrance is paid (if you live in Montenegro, we recommend an annual ticket of only 13 €; otherwise, the ticket price is 3 € per person). Visitors to nature and national parks can enjoy numerous attractions, such as viewpoints, mountain landscapes, mountain lakes, caves, deep canyons, large meadows, traditional rural houses, etc.


4. Water sports with your equipment/swimming

Cruising provides enjoyment of the natural beauties of the country and its surroundings. Most popular is the cruise on Skadar Lake, which is the largest lake on the Balkan Peninsula, where you enjoy its swampy shores covered with water lilies and barracks, numerous islands and cultural and historical monuments that adorn it. Beautiful, hidden beaches and swimming in the lake are an integral part of this adventure.

In addition to cruising, the most popular water sports are kayaking and canoeing on lakes and rivers. Bring your necessary equipment and enjoy the adrenaline you will feel while absorbing the beautiful green landscapes. Montenegro is abundant in lakes and rivers that are known for their crystal clear water and rapids. From Tara River and its deep canyon to rivers Morača, Cijevna, Zeta, all the way to river Bojana, the most courageous adventurists might even want to take a swim.

For swimming activities, there is 293 km of Adriatic coast with more than 117 beaches. Chose from pebble to sandy, ocean-wide or lake beaches, to have a good time, while swimming and sunbathing.


5. Beach activities

As we already said, Montenegro is abundant in beaches. And one of the most popular free beach activities is beach volleyball. Volleyball beach is a fun group activity that will provide entertainment for you and your friends, while you’re enjoying your time at the coast. Catch the last sun rays playing volleyball and have a good laugh with your friends.

Besides volleyball, beaches are one of the best locations for wellness and mindful retreats. It has been scientifically approved that nature improves psychological wellbeing. Thus, spending time on the seashore can have even better effects. One of the best mindful activities is yoga, which will make you stay healthy and full of energy. It’s not only the beach that is good for yoga activities, it’s every other surface that is placed in a natural environment, away from the city hustle. Get up early, rise with the sun and breath in the life of a new day. 

We hoped we helped in inspiring you! Contact us if you have any questions here.