Best Beaches

Being located along the Adriatic coast has its perks. Montenegro has a total of 117 beaches scaling over 293km long that regularly draw hordes of tourists from all over Europe.

One of the first beaches that tourists check out is Sveti Stefan. Strolling, swimming and sunbathing along its long peaceful beach are great ways to relax. Near the beach is a local fishing village that now serves as a hotel. There are several beaches in Sveti Stefan such as Becici, Kamenovo and Milocer, as well as a few private beaches for those who can afford them. Not far from Sveti Stefan are Drobni Pijesak and Petrovac beaches.

Considered by many as the most beautiful beach in Montenegro (if not the whole of Europe), Drobni Pijesak boasts clear waters and fine yellow-white sand. It is a secluded beach, which makes it perfect for tourists who wish to get away from the noise and chaos of the city.

While Drobni Pijesak is distinctly yellow, Petrovac beach is red. Other than for its red sandy beach, this old fishing town is widely known for its old churches, harbour and monasteries, as well as modern bars and restaurants. It is also near the popular Skadar Lake, one of the top Montenegrin attractions.

The Kopakabana beach in Ulcinj, although not so famous, is one of the favourite beaches among locals and tourists in Montenegro. It is 900 meters long, and it was named after the famous beach in Rio de Janeiro. It is perfect for families with children, because it is easily accessible by car and it has its own parking lot.

The next stop are the beaches of Budva, a short ride away from Sveti Stefan by road. Some of the best beaches in Budva are Mogren, Becici Beach and Jaz Beach.
Mogren is a long beach interrupted by the edge of a rocky mountain in the middle. The beach looks more like two beaches that are connected by a small tunnel. One side is 80 metres long and the other 150 metres. In 2004, it was named one of the safest and cleanest beaches in the country.
Becici beach is considered one of the most beautiful and longest beaches on Adriatic Sea. Almost 2 kilometres long, Becici beach is officially the only beach in Montenegro which won an actual award back in 1935, when it was given the given title of the most beautiful beach of Europe. Since then, it has evolved into a perfect, spacious beach that has many nearby hotels.

One important thing to keep in mind about Budva beaches is that they are so popular they usually get overcrowded. Visitors should expect to fight for a spot on the sands - especially during the peak season. The best time to visit is in September when there are not as many guests.

Another popular beach in Montenegro is Jaz Beach. Located about four kilometres from Sveti Stefan, Jaz is known for its fine sandy beach and its scenic hill where most of the guesthouses and restaurants are found. This site hosts the Sea Dance Festival, which attracts a number of visitors every summer. The view from above is simply spectacular and this beach is a great spot for visitors interested in water sports.

Not far from Jaz is Plavi Horizonti in Przna cove in Tivat. It is known as a natural sandy beach with attractive resorts, guesthouses and other modern facilities.

Apart from these 10 spectacular beaches, Montenegro has many other beaches to attract tourists. Visitors should also check out Kalardovo beach in Tivat, Paradiso in the coastal city of Bar, and the beaches in Herceg Novi such as Cuba Libre, Miriste Zanjice and Dobrec.