The Montenegrin coastal town of Bar is an increasingly popular location for tourism and holidaymakers, and like many of the towns in Montenegro comprises of a history with a healthy mix of diverse cultures and architecture. The most ancient written documents, which are also the most important medieval records of Montenegrin literature, are found in Bar and reinforce the region’s strong cultural heritage and significance.

Stari Bar

The ruins of Old Bar, which are known locally as Stari Bar, are one of the world’s largest fortified archaeological sites. The historic ruins resemble something from Indiana Jones, particularly as the great Mount Rumija overlooks the town and adds extra splendour and beauty to the already rich natural surroundings. The scale of the old town of Bar is surprisingly vast particularly the size of the fortress and unlike many other Montenegrin towns, the area has been unaffected by modern inhabitation and the ruins are very much representative of the old ways of Montenegro and Bar.

One of the oldest trees of its type in the world is a glorious 2,000-year-old olive tree that is located in the area of Mirovica. Known as the Old Olive of Mirovica, this unique natural feature was put under state protection in 1957 and it is said that families experiencing internal dispute would meet under the olive tree to make their peace with one another. Bar is also known as the ‘City of Olives’, partly in recognition of the old olive tree of Mirovica and also because the area is the olive tree growing centre of Montenegro.


Bar is the sunniest town in Montenegro, with approximately 270 days of Mediterranean sunshine, and the 44 kilometres of Adriatic coast has nine kilometres of beaches and comprises 20 different beach locations. The 67-kilometre shore of Lake Skadar presents yet more stunning beaches. The clean environment and beaches attract many tourists, who like to relax by the beach in beautiful natural surroundings or partake in the various water and sporting activities offered along the coastline as part of their holiday experience.


Excellent connections

The port of Bar is one of the largest seaports in the country of Montenegro. Although an earthquake struck the area in 1979 and destroyed half of the port’s facilities, they have since been restored. Bar is very accessible from other locations in Montenegro, with excellent inland connections. It is also connected to the various towns and villages along the Adriatic coast by the Adriatic motorway.


As a popular tourist destination, Bar caters for holidaymakers and visitors of all types. The various shops and retail outlets provide ample supplies for families visiting the area, and there are also a lot of clubs and bars in Bar.  As a culturally rich and visually resplendent area, Bar has everything that holidaymakers of all types could desire.

 Things to do


  • Take a ferry ride from the port of Bar to Bari (Italy) and lunch in the medieval barivecchia - old Bari.

  • Wander around the historic old town of Bar

  • Seek out the oldest olive tree, Stara Maslina (not as easy as it sounds!)  

  • Buy fresh local olive oil in Bar