A serene spot for family vacations in between Budva and Bar!

Several kilometres up the coast from Budva and south of Sveti Stefan lies Petrovac - one of the coast's more laid back and stylish resorts. Yet unblemished by high-rise hotels, it retains a tranquil air absent from many of the other resorts along this particular stretch of coastline.

The town's main beach is a magnificent crescent-shaped bay formed of a reddish gravelly sand and is backed by an attractive green treelined promenade. Along the promenade, and particularly at the north end of the bay, you will find an abundance of bars cafes and excellent seafood restaurants. Right on the top of the north bay, you will also find the remains of a sixteenth-century Venitian fortress (Kastel Lastva) sheltering the tiniest of harbours.
Plan a Trip to Petrovac
Petrovac is a beach resort on the Adriatic coast that offers warm Mediterranean waters and sandy beaches to families and tourists visiting this popular location. The region was a magnet for rich holidaymakers from the former Yugoslavia in the gap between the First World War and the Second World War, and visitors to the area will see why from the peaceful rural ambience and the 600 meters of red sandy beach. In contrast to the nearby Budva, or ‘Montenegrin Miami’, with its lights and music and lively clubs and restaurants, Petrovac is a more serene and relaxed area that attracts families and the tourism more associated with sightseers. Just in front of this small city, in the middle of its waters, there are 2 islets located, reachable only by sea. Sveta Nedjelja and Katic are very attractive to all the visitors and there is a church located at one of them. 

The resort of Petrovac is located between the town of Budva and the town of Bar, which is the location of a major international seaport in Montenegro and therefore offers heightened accessibility from the sea. There is also an airport in nearby Tivat, and there is a network of bus routes offering access to various locations around, and outside, Montenegro. The coastal towns of Montenegro are all connected by the Adriatic motorway, which carries on past Herceg Novi at the foot of the herbal and medicinal haven that is Mount Orjen and over the border to Croatia. Some of the top quality hotels in the area and surrounding areas are world-renowned for their location and service, but mainly for the location.
Petrovac Activities
Petrovac is mainly popular as a family resort, and children delight in the freedom of the beaches and the appeal of the area at large. Many people discover new sports as a result of the various activities offered along the beaches of the Adriatic coast. Lots of different restaurants, cafes and shops are in the village, and the local cuisine is a splendid seafood-oriented smorgasbord. There are also plenty of other world cuisines that offer many of the foods that a person would find in most major towns or cities of the world.

Petrovac offers a wide range of possible water activities, such as scuba diving, speed boat riding etc. and there is also a diving school where you can take classes while on vacation. 

There are a lot of relatively new or refurbished holiday accommodation options in Petrovac. The area has risen in popularity as a holiday and tourist resort over the last century, prompting investments into tourism requirements and amenities. The beauty of this region is not just in the area itself but also in the accessibility it offers to a diverse range Mediterranean holiday experiences in Montenegro, from a peaceful holiday in serene surroundings to a hub of cultural activity and high-class restaurants and nightspots.