A Fast Growing High-End City

Time to Travel to Tivat

In southwest Montenegro, located within the Bay of Kotor, is the coastal town of Tivat. This popular resort attracts travellers and holidaymakers from near and far and is rightfully making its mark as a popular holiday destination. This town is the youngest within the Boka region, but even so, it shows the maturity of a fully-grown town and offers many fascinating and beautiful sights and destinations that must be seen by visitors to Montenegro.

There are different theories regarding the origin of the name Tivat. According to some sources, the name Tivat has been derived from the name of the Illyrian queen Teuta, who has had her capital in the town of Risan for a short period of time. Other sources imply that the name could have been derived from the names of Christian saints or that the name simply comes from the Celtic word “touto” which means city. Tivat began to develop as a city only in the late 19th century when the military navy Arsenal was established. Until the construction of Arsenal, the land in Tivat was mostly in the hands of the feudal lords of the towns Prcanj, Perast, Dobrota and Kotor.

Tivat today

Today, Tivat is a modern city and is fast becoming the heart of the coastline's burgeoning tourism industry catering to its bustling young nautical community with new restaurants, bars and cafes cropping up around town. Beach bars and restaurants line the beach, along with facilities providing equipment for those who like to take part in water sports, and for children, there are various playgrounds and fun-themed beach equipment. There are various hotels located along the coast and some that are situated within the town centre.

Tivat is known for its cultural life and many traditional ceremonies like carnivals and costume balls are enriching it every year. Festival of the Mediterranean Theatre Purgatorije that comprises of exhibitions, theatre performances, film screenings, concerts etc. is an event that shouldn’t be missed during the summer period, and you should also visit Žućenica Fest amongst many others.

If you are looking for absolute peace and quiet, then head inland towards the village of Gornja Lastva. This rural haven is an ideal place to find space and freedom, and for those who like to hike within stunning sceneries, there is no finer place in the region. The architecture of the small stone houses in Gornja Lastva presents a very rustic and rural feel, with scenes that pull the tourist experience into the high level of picturesque holiday surroundings. The village is also an artistic and cultural area that is strongly gaining significance on a wider scale in recognition of its unique properties.

Luxury Destination

Porto Montenegro is a brand new port located within Tivat which has been developed on the site of a former naval shipyard, to accommodate the growing popularity of marine vessels visiting the region. Montenegro is a fast developing yachting destination and is geared to offer competitive benefits to international clients. Yachtsmen have a luxurious docking area and can step off of their seafaring accommodation onto land that has spacious properties with exquisite views, various leisure activities, and restaurants. As an official port of entry, yachtsmen, crew and guests can step straight out of the water and eat delicious seafood in one of the restaurants or soak up the views of the area.


Access to Tivat is excellent. In addition to the port for luxury yachts and other seafaring vessels, there is Tivat airport, which opened in 1971 and since then, it serves the needs of travellers from afar.

Tivat has a typical Mediterranean climate, with mild winters but usually rainy springs and clear and warm summers and this is the sunniest city of Boka Bay with 2446.2 sunny hours during the year. Due to favourable climate conditions and good geolocation, Tivat also has great horticultural potential. Tivat residents have a rich dialect but there is no need to learn the local lingo, as the excellent services offered by the accommodation proprietors mean that nothing is lost in translation.

Things to do

  • Rent a boat or kayak to explore the waters around the island of Sveti Marko
  • Lunch and swim at the PMYC Pool in the luxury marina
  • Hike along Vrmac Ridge from the Trojica fortress to Gornja Lastva
  • Spend the day relaxing and sunbathing at one of the many beaches along the Lustica Penisula 
  • Take a dip in Gradska Plaza (City Beach)
  • Visit culture events at the Ljetna Pozornica stage
  • Have a drink on Pine promenade