The coastal town of Ulcinj in Montenegro is the southernmost town on the Adriatic coast of the country. The wider area has had inhabitants since the Bronze Age, according to the dating of tombs in the area. Ulcinj resembles a sort of living record of cultures and civilizations past, and is a true representation of the area’s unique and lengthy past. Ulcinj is rich with historic monuments, among them many mosques, the clock tower and the 6th Century Villa Rustica with its ancient mosaics.


Ulcinj is a very reputable and popular location, acquiring a place in The 31 Top Places To Go in 2010 list published by The New York Times and making the allure of Montenegro news on a massive scale and rightfully so, as this place is outstanding. Ulcinj is also home to the longest stretch of beach that faces the Adriatic sea from Montenegro; Velika Plaza, or the big beach, is 13 kilometres by 60 metres of picturesque seaside beach that pulls in families from far and wide and offers all of the things expected from a high quality beach break: ocean view accommodation, shops, beach and sea activities and games, and excellent restaurants. There are also galleries containing some of Montenegro’s and the world’s finest art and displays of local culture.

Due to the nature of Ulcinj, many who visit tend to come back time and time again. This is partly due to the sheer beauty of the region and partly due to the fact that when people start to explore the surrounding area and its mountain foot villages, natural heritage sites, historically significant ancient ruins and monuments, and the mile upon mile of breathtaking beaches, they are equally impressed and intrigued by the country, which is a little too large to absorb in a mere two-week holiday break.

Those who like to walk should sample some of the trails along the coastline, some of which take the holidaymaker past reefs and over cliff tops, and there are islands not far off the shore that make for an outstanding view; some of these islands are accessible from the shore or ports by boat excursions. Valdanos beach has the Ulcinj cove, which as part of a beach walk is a must-see and attracts many who stroll the Adriatic coastline looking for serenity and unique surroundings.

Spiritual Hot Spots

There are many spiritual and healing energies and plant life associated with many areas of Montenegro. These include the medicinal botany of Mount Orjen, the peace and spirituality of the 2,000-year-old olive tree in Bar and, in Ulcinj, one of the more spiritual locations in the form of the ‘Female Beach’. This beach is reputed to have health benefits due to the medicinal properties of the sulphites in the water of the natural springs on the stretch of the Adriatic coast. Many women benefit from the medicinal properties and treatments offered on the beach, which is exclusively for females and is also a nudist beach.

Things to do

  • Tour Ulcinj's ancient slave quarters, where Spanish writer Cervantes was once imprisoned

  • Stop for Turkish coffee at one of the many cafes of old town Ulcinj

  • Spend the day at Velika Plaza the longest beach in Montenegro situated just south of Ulcinj

  • Enjoy a long and lazy lunch at a restaurant along the Bojana river