Budva Riviera

Budva Riviera and The Island City

In western Montenegro there are 22 miles (35 kilometres) of Adriatic coast known more widely as the Budva Riviera. This expanse encompasses a variety of settlements, with some of the most popular locations being Petrovac, Sveti Stefan and of course Budva itself.

As a busy tourist spot and beach location that is highly suitable for families, the Budva Riviera is a must-see location; however, there are those who prefer to holiday without hustle and bustle or being elbow to elbow as a busy crowd shuffles. These people prefer the calm and peace of the more relaxing locations along the Riviera, such as Petrovac with its red sand beaches watched over by the promenade and its variety of restaurants, shops and cafes.

Vast Coastlines

Montenegro has a plethora of unique locations that are as yet untapped by the vast majority of people in the wider world. One of the places that is less well known almost to the point of exclusivity is Sveti Stefan. The outstanding unique appeal of this place is its residence upon a small islet off the Budva Riviera. The ‘Island City’ absolutely must be seen to be believed, and was a favourite destination of Hollywood legends such as Elizabeth Taylor and Sophia Loren in the 70s. Examining the features of such areas is difficult without actually visiting the area, but the internet and online booking at least afford a wider array of photographs and accommodation details when holidaymakers are considering booking their trip.

1.67 miles (2.5 kilometres) away from Budva, towards the village of Tivat, are the beaches of Jaz. The two beaches have attracted the attention of the rock music community to the point that the mighty Rolling Stones played a show on the beach in 2007. It gathered momentum as a venue and attracted big names over the coming year, and huge acts such as Madonna and Lenny Kravitz played the beach. In 2009, however, local Montenegro news stated that some of the big acts expected would not be playing due to the 2009 global financial crisis. Although the beach is more pebble and sand than rock, the area is a protected national heritage site and quiet retreat for many looking for peace along the Budva Riviera.

Island Gems

Opposite the town of Budva and accessible by a short one-kilometre boat trip is Sveti Nikola Island. This scenic, two kilometres-long island is one of the main short excursions taken by holidaymakers from the coast across the short stretch of the Adriatic Sea. The three big beaches are one of the main reasons why people like to visit, but the secluded feel of the location and beautiful natural surroundings also play a large part in the appeal of the island. Visiting the Budva Riviera throws up a multitude of options for holidays, and the touch of Hollywood-attracting class and charm presents an unmatchable experience of Montenegro tourism.