Montenegro - a Safe Travel Destination

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Before deciding where to head to for your next holiday, there are certain things you will always check and research before starting your trip. In the light of the recent global events, in the first place the COVID19 virus, it has become of extreme importance knowing that the country you want to visit is safe and that you will have a safe trip and a safe stay. Here you can check the weekly updates regarding the COVID19 situation in Montenegro

When we say safe, we do not only talk safe from the health perspective but also safe from the security perspective. On the global peace table, which includes and ranks 163 countries, Montenegro currently ranks 69th, which places it in a group of countries with a medium degree of peace. In general, Montenegro is a safe country to visit. It is a safe location as there haven’t been any terrorist attacks or similar activities in Montenegro’s recent history. Thus, Montenegro became the 29th member country of NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organisation) in 2017.

Looking from other perspectives such as risks of natural disasters, that possibility is very low here, as, besides floods (in extreme weather conditions) and earthquakes (the last devastating earthquake happened in 1979), you should be comfortable to enjoy your vacation. The Police Administration of Montenegro every year takes several necessary measures and activities to safely conduct the tourist season, and enable tourists to feel safe. Still what is good to have in mind is to always be careful and cautious with your personal belongings, as there is always a risk of street thieves or street scams.  

Montenegro is considered one of the most popular destinations in Europe in the recent years, as it located in the southwestern part of the continent, which is known for its affordable prices compared to the rest of the European countries. So, everyone who comes to visit these areas gets the opportunity to see the untouched Montenegrin nature and its astonishing natural beauties. This is confirmed by the fact that a large number of celebrities are choosing Montenegro as their summer destination.

That’s what the Beckhams did in 2019 when they decided to choose Sveti Stefan in Budva as their holiday destination for the second time. Based on the photos from their social media accounts, they certainly did have a great time. Speculations are circling that they will choose Sveti Stefan as the place for the wedding of their oldest son Brooklyn, who recently got engaged. 

Kisses from us all x Happy Summer! VB x 🌞

Објава коју дели Victoria Beckham (@victoriabeckham) дана

As we’re speaking of weddings, this is the same place where Novak Djokovic and his chosen one Jelena Ristic, decided to tie the knot in 2014. Amongst the other celebrities who have visited Montenegro are Adriana Lima, Naomi Campbell, Lewis Hamilton, etc. 

In 2008, one of the biggest pop music icons Madonna held a concert in Jaz Beach, Budva, while the world-wide famous rock band Rolling Stones also had an unforgettable concert, just a year earlier. If you want to know which other celebrities enjoyed in our marvellous country, head over to our website and find out.

Montenegrins are very friendly and guest-welcoming people. All of the Balkans are, so you will always find someone happy to help you, whether it is about giving you directions or having a chat with you with a cup of coffee or home-made rakia.