Wilderness Hiking in Montenegro

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Experience untouched mountain world in the Mediterranean background.


is one of the largest massifs in the Dinaric Alps. On one side we have wild and romantic beauties but on the other there are rugged mountains, so dangerous and so cruel, laying all the way down to the Albania and Kosovo borders. Literally, the name of this mountain means "cursed mountains", and this is because of its peaks that are so steep and invincible. 

Old paths and adventurous mountain tours lead through the national park Prokletije - one of the least known parts of Europe.

For the very experienced only, we suggest

  • Climbing up the Maja Kolata peak -up to 2 534 m altitude -  (approx 8 hours to climb)
  • Climbing up the Karanfili - 7 hours at 2,490 m height.
Prokletije is the widest mountain area in Montenegro and the area with the largest mountain tablelands that spread to the horizon. It is a paradise for various species of flora and stands at an average altitude of 1,600 metres with some of the peaks over 2,000 metres.
Mountain Prokletije



Sinjajevina hike tours starts usually from Mojkovac or Kolasin, and we made a selection for all of you who want to come and explore Montenegro:

  • Mountaineer Route to the Zabojsko Lake - lasts for 6 hours and 45 minutes and it ends on the altitude of 1 070 m,
  • Jablan Peak Mountaineering - lasts for 6 hours and 15 minutes to climb up one of the highest peaks on Sinjajevina mountain on the altitude of 2 203 m.
Mountain Sinjajevina



Another national park in Montenegro is settled on the massif of the mountain Bjelasica. This park is called Biogradska Gora and it is one of the oldest protected areas in the world. 

Bjelasica is one of the most peaceful areas in Montenegro that is ideal for family vacations or lighter and safer hiking tours. This is the spot where you will experience wild beauty live according to the National Tourism Board.

Hiking on Bjelasica:

  • Climbing up on the Crna Glava (Black Head) - this peak is 2,139 m high and the tour lasts about 8 1/2 hours,
  • A Panoramic tour over Kljuc - at a  height of 2000m lasting 7 hours,
  • A Walk through the National Park - take a walk through the oldest virgin forest in Europe and go all around the Biograd lake for the full experience. It lasts for about 6 and a half hours.
Mountain Bjelasica



One of the peaks on this mountain is also called The Mountain Emperor. On first sight, it looks impossible to climb up this mountain, but from its very top, you will be able to see almost the entire country of Montenegro. This mountain lays just by the border with Albania. When you dare to hike on Komovi, you are definitely a hiking professional or a crazy adventurer!

We suggest:

  • A circle tour around the Komovi massif - you don't need to be super fit to do this, but you need to be adventurous. This tour lasts for 6 and a half hours.
  • Climbing up Kucki Kom - you need to be well trained to go on this tour and to have experience in mountaineering. These peaks are up to 2 487 m high.
Mountain Komovi

This is the mountain area that lays down in the plainest part of Montenegro, separated from the other mountain massif in the country. This is the perfect section for "wilderness hiking" around the desert mountain peaks. 

The most valuable place is the religious sanctity, Ostrog Monastery. The largest number of the visitors, traditionally go by foot to the monastery, that is settled on the top of the cliff.

Tours in this region:

- Ostrog walking - it lasts about 4 and a half hours along a simple and accessible path,

- Climbing up Vojnik mountain - about 6 and a half hours at an altitude of 1,997 metres

Mountains Vojnik - Maganik - Prekornica



This National park is part of the UNESCO protected heritage in Montenegro. Mountain Durmitor has about 50 peaks all higher than 2000 m. The highest peak in Montenegro is called Bobotov Kuk with the altitude of 2 522 m. Durmitor has 17 glacial lakes - the most visited one  Crno Jezero or Black Lake). A unique natural phenomenon is Ledena Cave (Ice Cave) which you can also visit while hiking over Durmitor.

Durmitor offers mountain walks similar in character to the Alps, Steep slopes, leading up to fairytale peaks that will deliver you a view to die for. We can suggest to you some of the more well marked and safe routes if you are an adventure hiker. All of these start in Zabljak:

  • Ice Cave Route - up to 2180 m altitude and lasting about 5 hours,
  • Bobotov Kuk Route - this one is for the mountaineers that want to say they were on the top of Montenegro. Duration: 5 1/2 hours.
National park Durmitor


Besides being the capital of Montenegro, Podgorica is the starting spot for plenty of hiking tours on the mountains in this area. Mountain Garac lays on the north-west side of this area, with the highest peak Milunova Bobija. In the north, there is plateau Radovce with 2 peaks - Maglic and Kamenik. On the north-east lays Kucka Krajina, which is part of mountain Prokletije. From there, you can go on the mountain hike tours on Zijevo, Treskavac or Surdup, from where you will see magnificent landscapes.

Montenegrin Mountain Transversal or CT 1

One of the most important routes in Montenegro is in this area. That is Montenegrin Mountain Transversal or CT 1. It is long 164 km and it takes about 7 - 8 days to finish it. It starts in the massif Zijevo, on the Bukumirsko Lake, then leads through the Black mountain and Komovi up to the pass Tresnjevik. From there, it goes through the tamed parts of Bjelasica and over loneness plateaus all the way to Zabljak and Durmitor.


Mountains around Podgorica


Coastal - Mountain Transversal or PPT 

Orijen, Lovcen and Rumija are the southeast parts of Dinarids which are spreading to the coastal line of Montenegro, just by the Adriatic Sea. Fascinating hiking tours lead through the national parks, up to the old fortresses, authentic settlements and historical attractions. These hiking tours are the best for those of us who cannot decide whether to take their vacations on the coast or on the mountain - where you can do both!

One of the longest and the most interesting tours is Coastal - Mountain Transversal or PPT which has a length of 182 km and it usually takes about 8 - 9 days to finish this tour. It starts above Herceg Novi, the northeast part of the Montenegrin coast, on the Orijen mountain, goes around the Boka Bay, through Lovcen and the Pastrovici and then over mountain Rumija to Bar, the southernmost part of the Montenegrin coast.

As short hikes included in this transversal, we recommend:

  • Climbing up the Lovcen Mausoleum - it takes about 7 hours at an altitude of 1,657 m,
  • Climbimg up Saint Giovanni fortress - takes about 2 hours 
Coast line mountains



Mountains on the north-west are one of the most interesting parts of our country, first of all, because they haven't been so often visited by mountaineers. This area lays between the river Piva and the border of Bosnia & Hercegovina and Trnovacko Lake on the other side. Mountains Njegos, Golija and Somina are rich with plateaus, historical amenities and are recently connected to the national network of the mountain paths. Enjoy in this part of Montenegro on the next level of vacationing

We recommend:

  • Mountain tour on the Njegos - about 4 and a half hours at 1,721 m altitude,
  • Climbing up the Volujak - 9 hours at 2,336 m altitude.
Western Montenegro mountains