Kolašin is one of the 24 Montenegrin municipalities. It is located in north-east Montenegro at the foothill of the mountains Bjelasica and Sinjajevina, covering the surface of 900 km2. Laying on the bank of the river Tara, at an altitude of 984 metres, this town is visited by the people who enjoy fresh air, mountain trails and natural beauty.

There are several stories and beliefs about the name of this town. It was established by the Turks who have ruled over these territories in the 17th century, and it is believed that the name Kolašin was mentioned in the sultan's berrat (declaration) for the first time in 1566. According to one version, there was a certain Slovenian Duke Kolašin who established Kolašin, so probably the village of Kolašin from the Sultan's berrat would be the mentioned settlement from the national tradition, the settlement of the Slovenian Duke Kolašin. Despite the existence of different versions about this town’s name, the origin and meaning of the word Kolašin, so far, has remained unclear. There’s also an interesting fact that during its history, Kolašin has been occupied by different foreign invaders for 23 times, before formally becoming part of Montenegro in 1878, at the Berlin congress. So this rich town’s history has a lot to tell and share.

Nowadays Kolašin is a typical small rural town, which can boast of its natural beauty. Here you can enjoy the best of both environments, during summer and winter vacations. In the summers the best and most attractive option is visiting national park Biogradska Gora, where you will have 5.650 hectares at your disposal for numerous activities. At the pleasant temperature which doesn’t go over 16-17 degrees, you can enjoy activities such as mountaineering, hiking, mountain cycling, fly-fishing, rafting, boat riding or just walking and enjoying the intact nature of the park. This national park is a true jewel of this region, rich in dense forests and waters, specifically lakes. 

One of the trademarks of the park is Biogradsko Lake. A legend tells that at the place where the Lake is now, there used to be a grain field. Two brothers were harvesting and sharing the grains, until one harvest when the younger greedy brother wanted to fool the older one, who by some versions was blind. He tricked him while they were sifting the grain, suddenly the threshing floor (the place where the grains are sifted) and the surroundings have sunken and in a moment a lake is created. The older, blind brother saved himself and the younger sank. They say that in the summer when the lake dries up, the threshing floor appears in the middle.

In winter, Kolašin becomes a paradise for winter sports lovers. Two ski centres, Ski Resort Kolašin 1450 and newly-opened Ski Centre Kolašin 1600 are operating throughout the whole winter season. Kolašin 1450 is located 8 kilometres from the city centre, and it’s easily accessible by car or bus. With 16.5 kilometres of well-maintained and marked slopes, at reasonable prices, you can enjoy the array of the services they offer here. If you’re interested in other places where you can enjoy all kinds of winter activities you can look at your suggestions here

Only 2 kilometres from Kolašin 1450, is located Kolašin 1600, who got this name because of the altitude of the starting point of the six-seater cable car. This six-seater cable car operates through the summer season as well, providing you with the ideal panoramic rides up to 2,035 meters above sea level.

When you come to Kolašin, you cannot leave without trying the famous layered cheese (lisnati sir). Layered cheese is a special kind of homemade cheese produced only at the territory of Kolašin Municipality. Since 2019, Kolašin layered cheese joined the list of Montenegrin products protected by the national quality label, thanks to the characteristics of the geographical area in which it is produced, namely the nature, richness of flora and climate, which undoubtedly affect the quality of the milk from which the cheese is produced.

Kolašin offers various contents related to sport, recreation, cultural manifestations etc, which will provide you with rest, recreation and fun time. Some of the active manual manifestations are Traditional Dances, Breath in Kolašin, Korifej, Ethno Kamp Kolašin, Tango Kamp Kolašin etc.

Things to do in Kolasin:
  • Hiking tours
  • Biking
  • Cycling
  • Mountaineering
  • Fishing
  • Speleology
  • Sport climbing
  • Skiing and Nordic skiing
  • Rafting
  • Horseback riding.