Summer User Manual - Off The Beaten Path in Montenegro

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Welcome to the second part of the Montenegro Summer User Manual. If you enjoyed the first part, continue reading below. If you still haven't read the first part, jump to it by clicking here

In this edition, we will venture off the beaten path and explore some lesser-known gems that Montenegro has to offer. This time we will tell you about less crowded places. Get ready to discover less-known borders which you can use to avoid traffic jams, breathtaking lakes, thrilling cycling and hiking trails, and a remarkable forest. So, let's dive into the offbeat wonders of Montenegro!


Plav Lake

Nestled in the Prokletije region, Plav Lake is a tranquil paradise waiting to be discovered. Its crystal-clear waters reflect the surrounding mountains, creating a picturesque setting. Visitors can take boat rides, go fishing, or simply relax by the lake's shores, enjoying the peaceful atmosphere. Plav Lake offers a serene escape from bustling tourist destinations, allowing you to connect with nature and rejuvenate your senses.

Hrid Lake

Hidden in the heart of the Dinaric Alps, Hrid Lake is another hidden gem that promises an unforgettable experience. Accessible through challenging hiking trails, this secluded lake is surrounded by lush greenery and towering peaks. Hikers will be rewarded with stunning panoramic views and a sense of tranquillity that can only be found in such remote and pristine locations. 

Cycling and Hiking in Katuns above Biogradska Gora

For outdoor enthusiasts, the katuns (mountain summer houses for cattle) in the mountains above Biograd Lake (1 of 5 national parks in Montenegro) present an ideal playground for both cycling and hiking adventures. The region offers a network of well-marked trails that lead you through enchanting forests, meadows adorned with wildflowers, and traditional villages. Immerse yourself in the untouched beauty of the area while enjoying the warm hospitality of the local shepherds in the mountain huts known as katuns.

Forest Crna Poda near Mojkovac

Nature lovers will be captivated by the enchanting Forest Crna Poda, located near the town of Mojkovac. This virgin forest, also known as the 'Black Field' is home to ancient trees and a rich biodiversity. Take a stroll along the designated paths, breathe in the fresh air, and listen to the symphony of nature. This pristine forest offers a peaceful retreat where you can reconnect with the natural world and appreciate the wonders of Montenegro's wilderness. The black pine tree located here has an enormous natural value and it's protected by the law of Montenegro.


Nestled amidst the Montenegrin countryside, the village of Medun is a historical and archaeological gem. Here, you will find the Medun Fortress, a medieval fortress perched on a hilltop. Take a stroll through the village's charming streets and marvel at the well-preserved stone houses. Explore the fortress ruins and soak in panoramic views of the surrounding countryside. Medun offers a glimpse into Montenegro's rich history and a peaceful escape from bustling city life.

Korita Circuit

Or Krug Oko Korita in Montenegrin is a captivating natural and cultural site. A circular path leads you through lush vegetation, small waterfalls, and traditional stone houses. The path encompasses a natural spring known for its crystal-clear waters. Take a moment to pause and immerse yourself in the tranquillity of this enchanting spot while learning about the local legends and traditions associated with the area.

Rikavac Lake

Tucked away in the mountain range Kuci, Rikavac Lake is a hidden gem for nature enthusiasts. This small, emerald-green lake is surrounded by rugged mountains and dense forests. The pristine and untouched beauty of the area makes it an ideal spot for hikers and photographers seeking solitude. Embark on a scenic hike, breathe in the fresh mountain air, and marvel at the reflections of the surrounding peaks mirrored in the calm waters of Rikavac Lake.

Bukumirsko Lake

Also situated in the remote region of the mountain range Kuci, Bukmirsko Lake is a serene alpine lake that remains off the radar of most tourists. The tranquil atmosphere and breathtaking scenery make it a perfect retreat for those seeking peace and tranquillity. Take a hike through the surrounding meadows and pine forests, and enjoy the pristine beauty of the lake's surroundings. Whether you're seeking a spot for a picnic or a peaceful fishing experience, Bukumirsko Lake offers a slice of untouched nature.

Archaeological Sites: Lipci and Crvena Stijena

Lipci and Crvena Stijena are two notable archaeological sites that showcase Montenegro's ancient past. The prehistoric drawings at Lipci, situated in the picturesque Bay of Kotor of Montenegro, were an astounding discovery back in the 1960s. They provide a crucial glimpse into the prehistoric history of this seaside region and can help us with the puzzle of prehistoric life in this coastal area. Unfortunately, the Lipci primitive rock paintings are almost forgotten and not that easy to find either. 

Crvena Stijena, meaning 'Red Rock' is an impressive cliffside archaeological site. The site was originally discovered in 1954 and has a very rich stratigraphic sequence spanning from the Paleolithic through to the Bronze Age. These excavations uncovered faunal and lithic remains spreading across 31 levels. This archaeological site holds great cultural and historical significance not only for Montenegro but for the whole world!

Tips and Tricks for Navigating Around Montenegro

When venturing to Kolašin, Bjelasica, and Prokletije, you have the option of connecting via the new highway. However, if you prefer a more scenic route, particularly for biking or travelling in a camper, we highly recommend taking the picturesque road that winds through the breathtaking Moraca Canyon. This road is generally safe and enjoyable to drive, as long as the weather remains pleasant and stable. However, it's important to note that during the winter and rainy seasons, when water levels rise, the road can become challenging and potentially hazardous. Less experienced drivers need to exercise caution during these weather conditions.

For those visiting by car, navigating the borders can pose some challenges. The crossings at Dobrakovo in the northeast and Debeli Brijeg in the southwest can often become congested, leading to delays. In such cases, it is advisable to engage in friendly communication with the locals, as they can provide valuable insights and suggest alternative routes that may bypass the heavy traffic. For instance, there is another border crossing close to Debeli Brijeg, which can significantly expedite your exit from Montenegro after visiting the Bay of Kotor.

If you find yourself in the central region of Montenegro, there are convenient border options available from Nikšić. You can easily exit through either Vraćenovići or Ilino Brdo, both of which offer efficient border crossings, allowing you to smoothly continue to Bosnia & Herzegovina.

By taking these alternative routes and considering the advice of locals, you can enhance your travel experience, avoid congestion, and make the most of your journey through Montenegro's captivating landscapes.