Medun Fortress

Arts & Culture
The old town of Medun or Meteon is a high fortification, located 13 kilometres northeast of Podgorica. It was one of the main settlements of the Illyrian tribe, dating back to the ancient period. It was built first as a fortress, later as a city, between the 4th and 3rd century BC. This fortress was of great strategic importance as it is located on a high rocky territory in the direction of Podgorica and Ćemovsko Field. The well-preserved walls of the fortification are built of large blocks of hewn stone, placed in several rows, which distinguishes this construction in solidity and proportionality from the construction of other Illyrian cities. According to the historical sources, roman legions conquered Medun around 167, and on that occasion, the last Illyrian king Gentia and his family were captured in it. Medun is an object of a big importance for the study of all cultural epochs from prehistory to the Middle Ages, but this site has not been yet sufficiently studied and researched.
From a cultural and artistic point of view, this site is very interesting as studies lead to the conclusion that ritual related to the cult of the snake was performed there. The remains of the city of Medun, mostly belong to a medieval Turkish fortress construction, and nowadays only parts of the massive defensive walls are visible.

Among the remains of the fortification is the church of Saint Nicholas, built at the beginning of the 18th century. Next to the church are the tombs of the Montenegrin Duke Marko Miljanov, a well-known hero and writer, and his wife Stefa. Below the graves, on the saddle pass, his birth house is located. 
Marko Miljanov Popovic was born in Gornji Medun in 1833, on Saint Mark’s day, and throughout his life, he was known as the great duke, senator, and a brigand. His birth house is now transformed into a museum where an excellent ethnographic collection of various authentic Montenegrin, Albanian, and Ottoman national flags and costumes, weapons, jewellery, photos, and documents from the duke’s area are still preserved. In his honour, every year in May, a now traditional event the Days of Marko Miljanov is held on Medun.
According to most visitors, any trip to Podgorica should include a stop here. There are many other localities on the outskirts of Podgorica worth paying a visit. One of them we recommend is the Korita Circuit, which is a short trip, perfect for a weekend getaway. It is a 65 kilometres-long route, rich in panoramic views, which starts from Podgorica towards the locations of Medun, villages of Ubli, Orahovo towards the Kucka Korita.

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