Fine Dining & Luxury Living at Huma Kotor Bay

Editorial Food & Drink Lifestyle
Defined by its many happy guests and satisfied clients as a combination of an unsurpassed sense of comfort and privacy, Huma Kotor Bay Hotel is your place to call home in Montenegro.

Envisaged as a comfortable nest and a peaceful harbour for all visitors, Huma Kotor Bay is a real authentic experience in this part of the Mediterranean. This hotel with its unusual name strives to give you an even more unique and unusual experience. The inspiration for the name comes from the mythical bird 'huma', which according to ancient legends always flew high in the sky and never landed on the ground.
What sets Huma Kotor Bay Hotel apart from other luxury hotels in Montenegro, is that it has become a distinguishable place for fine dining. This is a concept on which the owners insisted on from the very beginning, and that with the opening of Mudra Restaurant proved to be one of the few places where you can enjoy a classic fine dining restaurant.
Fine dining restaurants originated quite a long time ago and their beginnings date back to the time after the French Revolution when this concept began to develop more intensively in Paris. It is the style and way of life of the city of love and lights that have become the inspiration for many fine-dining restaurants around the world. Although many restaurants want to be, only a limited number from around the world can boast that they just meet all the standards, so they can be called fine dining restaurants. The most important criteria by which the exclusivity of a restaurant is measured are 
  • the location of the restaurant, 
  • the interior of the restaurant, 
  • the way of choosing and preparing food, and 
  • creativity when serving food.
Operational from June 2019, Mudra Art Cuisine has all the features of an exclusive fine dining restaurant in Montenegro. Located in the beautiful historical site Dobrota, in the heart of the Bay of Kotor, the restaurant Mudra Art Cuisine is a culinary concept that you must not miss. 
Montenegro is widely known for its local cuisine - hearty, simple traditional dishes, plenty of fresh fish and seafood as well as authentic Balkan meat feasts. But, the team in Mudra Art Cuisine aims to convert it into hedonistic heaven in this part of the Mediterranean. Enjoy personalised service and explore the unique menu, feeling the fresh Adriatic breeze, listening to the gentle sound of the waves, and enjoying the splendour of the incredible sunset in the Bay of Kotor.
The culinary team in Mudra, with its Art Cuisine concept of the art of food preparation and presentation, is richer this year for the new ambitious Chef Hrvoje Kroflin, who is leading a new generation of extremely promising Chefs. Kroflin can self-praise of the rich experience in some of the best Croatian restaurants, but also internships and work in world-renowned restaurants in London and Italy, of which The Ledbury restaurant in London has 2 Michelin stars. With his unique approach, Croflin inspires the establishment of high creative cuisine and brings out the very best of the tastes of Montenegro.
As the hotel itself has a rather unusual name, they continued the tradition by naming their restaurant Mudra. Do you know what is the meaning behind this word which can often be heard in the Montenegrin language?
The term mudra refers to the use of a symbolic hand gesture during meditation that carries specific goals of directing the energy flow of your body.

The position of the hands can affect the energy of our physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies. Mudra help connects the brain to the body, soothe pain, stimulate endorphins, and increase vitality. Now that you know the meaning of the word, make a move towards this wonderful place, feel a positive energy, and enjoy the unrepeated specialities.
Not only will you be able to indulge in the sacred world of food but as a guest of the Huma Kotor Bay Beachfront Villas, you can reserve executive Chef service provided to you upon your request, and access to Mudra Art Cuisine, for all villa guests, is complimentary.

Huma Kotor Bay Hotel offers guests an atmosphere they will remember for a long time. A large selection of rooms and suites, with magnificent views of the Bay, will leave you breathless. Separate villas for rent give charm to the whole complex, with all the necessary amenities for a luxury vacation:
  • private gardens and private beach,
  • outdoor pools,
  • Spa-wellness centre,
  • marina, etc. 

Experience your genuine posh style vacation, at Huma Kotor Bay Hotel and Villas, in the harmony of Boka Bay.