Summer 2019 in Montenegro - The Chedi Lustica Bay

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Video Reportages from The Chedi Hotel and The Rok Beach Bar


Enjoying The Chedi Lustica Bay so far, during this summer, was amazing for our team! We look forward to some more memorable moments, as we still have plenty of time to go until the end of the season. These moments in the videos below can be considered historical, as this is a new city growing in the Adriatic and this area wasn’t much visited by inhabitants except the ones who have their boats or the ones hiking in the woods.
Today, this is a modern beach with Mediterranean eco-friendly villas growing in its hinterland, and the team behind it gives their best to grow their development by keeping nature as intact as possible.
This season of summer 2019 is the first time ever that Lustica Bay and The Chedi Hotel got their beach bar, with The Rok - fully operating since June 2019.  
Take a look at our video reportages below and enjoy and be sure to take the first free time to pay a visit to this amazing spot!

Beach Bar The Rok - Arrival

Our team was exploring The Chedi Luštica Bay - a GHM hotel and we stumbled upon a great new Beach Bar The Rok, located on the equally new amazing beach-front, just steps away from The Chedi Lustica Bay 5* Hotel. Turns out this place has a lot to offer and the facilities are modern and fast, while the staff is kind and professional! Nature of Montenegro shows its full glory in this place, thus the name was given thanks to this - the rocky terrain has now The Rok Bar and they make a perfect match!


Beach Bar Time at The Rok

You can't afford to miss visiting The Chedi Lustica Bay this summer season, as you will be missing the fun in the newest city in the Adriatic - Lustica Bay! For the first time this year, The Chedi Hotel opens the door to the public to their brand-new lovely beach bar The Rok and all you can expect there is - pure fun and relaxing atmosphere! Refreshing cocktails and drinks, live DJ performances, beautiful Mediterranean spirit and crystal clear sea... Is there anything more? It's perfect for a group of friends or even a romantic couple getaway!


Beach Time at the Marina Village - Lustica Bay

Our visit to the beautiful The Chedi Luštica Bay - a GHM hotel wasn't only special because of their lovely beach bar The Rok, but also because we were enjoying their brand-new beach! We are sending you a piece of the atmosphere in this video, but consider it as an invitation to go to Lustica Bay and spend some amazing time at their new premises. This beach is ideal for people who seek relaxation and refreshment, but aren't keen on crowds and cherish their peace of mind! Look at this beautiful ambience and charming Adriatic views! Isn't it perfect?


Sea Joy at the Rok and Marina Village Beach

Summer brings joy and joy lays in small things! That's how we experienced real joy while swimming and sunbathing at the brand-new Marina Village Beach and The Rok Beach Bar just steps away from The Chedi Lustica Bay! Crystal clear emerald water, tidy and shiny beach, well equipped with beach furniture and other necessary facilities and features made our day beautiful! We had so much fun that we can not wait to go back! We'd say it's perfect for families - to enjoy and rewind! But, also groups of friends can seek fun at this spot, as The Rok is bringing all the fun this summer! Finally, you can treat your loved one and afford a great weekend stay at The Chedi and enjoy all their services! Let's just say - summer 2019 at The Chedi is absolutely terrific!


Marina Village Promenade

Have you visited The Chedi Lustica Bay and their amazing promenade at the Marina Village? After spending a full day at the Marina Village Beach and The Rok Beach Bar, we couldn't help it but finish the evening at this charming Mediterranean promenade! The Chedi Hotel is facing the marina berths, so yachts and boats lovers can enjoy in this site. Besides, all other amenities are steps away - from enchanting restaurants with delicious seafood, shops, market, gallery - it's all there for you! Our tip - it would be great if you prolong your stay, so you can also enjoy the astonishing spa centre at The Chedi Hotel and welcome a new day with the sunrise over the hills and shores of the Adriatic!