Summer 2019 in Montenegro - Canyoning with Adria Trek

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Exploring natural treasures in Montenegro is probably one of the top outdoor activities that our team would recommend to the first-timers! If you are in sports spirit or love adrenaline and amazing adventures, this is definitely something that you shouldn’t miss while in Montenegro!

Our team took a chance and went to explore Canyon Rikavac with our friends from Adria Trek company. As a part of our summer project, this adventure was recorded and we have prepared video reportages for you from this epic experience! 

Adrien, our guide, explained us and taught us everything before the departure and his colleague Julien helped us in providing material for our video reportages, as we were passing through the canyon.

Canyon Rikavac, located in the cliffs just above the Old Bar (Stari Bar), is a safe and easy canyon that is even open for children. There are several spots through it that will amaze you and you might be a bit scared even, but with Adria Trek professional guides everything comes in place, immediately. Our favourite was a 10 metres waterfall and we loved it so much that we passed that obstacle twice! This adventure was amazing and it's not amongst the demanding-level canyons in Montenegro. 

The Rikavac Canyon was a blast for our team! A real adventure to remember and to tell everyone about it! We felt like real explorers while using all of the professional equipment and the whole adventure made our day!

There are many canyons in Montenegro and all of them are very interesting to explore, but they come with various levels of difficulty, so you need to know in advance what is your level of physical fitness to be able to decide which canyon to pass. Warm recommendation from our team is to book this adventure when you visit Montenegro and you will have a lifetime memory to remember and tell friends and family about it!

Once we finished our adventure through Canyon Rikavac, located in the cliffs surrounding Old Bar, our manager was asked to share her impressions in a short-form interview, done by Adria Trek photographer. Adrenaline strikes were still present when we did this, so that explains Andjela's constant moving and impatience on the video. 

"The scariest part was the snake!" - Yes, you heard well! 

But, there is no need to worry about it as these are usually water snakes that are harmless and poison-less. And Montenegro is located in the Mediterranean where during the summertime there are a lot of snakes. Only a few of these are poisonous and they would never attack human unless you attack them first, so watch your steps when exploring nature.

Besides snakes, there is so much life inside this beautiful canyon including frogs, various insects, lizards, amazing plants and flowers - so, pure enjoyment is guaranteed!

We highly recommend experiencing Montenegrin canyons with the professional team of Adria Trek and we look forward to our next adventure with them!