International Coastal Cleanup Day by The Chedi Lustica Bay

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Montenegro Cleanup Network Takes Bold Action on International Coastal Cleanup Day to Tackle Marine Pollution

In a resounding commitment to addressing the global issue of marine pollution, Montenegro Cleanup Network actively participated in the International Coastal Cleanup Day. This global initiative, recognised as the world's largest volunteer endeavour dedicated to tackling waste in seas and waterways, witnessed The Chedi Lustica Bay's enthusiastic involvement in a meticulously organised waste cleanup and audit campaign on September 16th.

The primary objective of The Chedi Lustica Bay participation was to raise awareness about the critical problem of sea pollution within the country. The profound impact of plastic pollution on human health, wildlife, and the natural environment cannot be overstated. This menace, which stems from fossil fuels, begins its destructive journey from the point of oil or gas extraction and persists throughout its entire lifecycle. Plastic compounds the challenges of climate change and contributes to greenhouse gas emissions. Alarmingly, it infiltrates our bodies, leading to an annual ingestion of no less than 74,000 microplastic particles through the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the food we consume.
Addressing this pressing issue demands a collective effort.

As responsible citizens, we can make a significant difference by reducing our waste, engaging in food scraps composting, and substituting disposable products in our daily lives with reusable alternatives such as bags, bottles, tissues, and cutlery. It is equally important for manufacturers to offer more sustainable options. In pursuit of this goal, a comprehensive waste audit was conducted on September 16th, immediately following the cleanup.

The data collected during the Brand Audit allowed participants to identify the companies whose products consistently emerged during the cleanup campaigns. Zero Waste Montenegro will now engage with these entities, urging them to take responsibility for their environmental impact. The factories will be invited to reduce the proliferation of single-use packaging in the market and redesign their packaging to minimise its adverse effects on the environment.

The Chedi Lustica Bay dedicated team collaborated with Zero Waste Montenegro in cleaning the Vojna Beach locality in Bigovo Bay and sponsored the cleanup action. In addition to these efforts, a total of eighteen local organisations, all part of the Clean Up Montenegro network, organised clean-up campaigns and waste analysis across the country.

The Chedi Lustica Bay remains committed to fostering a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing living environment for all its residents and visitors. Together, we can make a lasting impact in the fight against marine pollution.

About Montenegro Coastal Cleanup

Montenegro Coastal Cleanup is a dedicated initiative within the Clean Up Montenegro network, actively working to combat marine pollution and raise awareness about the importance of preserving our oceans and waterways. Their mission is to inspire change at both the individual and corporate levels to protect the natural beauty of Montenegro's coastline and beyond.