Our Top 10 Montenegro experiences for 2015


Let us take you to the other side of Montenegro. Hidden and unexplored!

The River Tara is the longest and most beautiful river in Montenegro. Its canyon is world famous being the second deepest in the world after The Grand Canyon!  It is also known throughout Montenegro as 'The Pearl of the Mountains' with water that is drinkable along its entire flow.

Tara is also really interesting for its extreme sports. First of all rafting! Rafting is really popular as for the locals same for the tourists. There are plenty of companies and agencies who can offer you to go rafting, but the main and the most important thing for you to know is who are the professionals. You can not go with anybody, because this could be dangerous, and in that case, you would prefer to have a pro next to you. Advice, for choosing the agency to go rafting with, you can get from the Local Tourism Boards, when you are in Montenegro, or you can contact us. There are different kinds of the offer, and those mostly depend on the length of the rafting. There are one-day rafting (12 or 30 km long) from 9:30 am – 2 pm or from 2 pm – 5 pm or two-day rafting (75 km long). If you decide for the longer one you will stay one night in the rafting camp, eating national food and hanging out with the locals. Rafting can be tremendously fun and you need to be an adventurer spirit to like it. On the spot where it starts you get all the equipment needed: special suit, helmet, special shoes etc. Remember, water is freezing even in the middle of the summer, so you need to put on all the equipment you get from the organizer. Everyone joining one rafting boat needs to work hard as a part of the team, to make one rafting success. Price is 35 € per person, with breakfast and lunch included if you choose one-day rafting. If you are staying over the night in the camp, then you pay for the accommodation too.

White Water Rafting on Tara River

If you prefer heights rather than depths, you should choose an activity on Tara River where you see this river from the air. Tara Zip Line was invented by the people living in the mountains because they needed a way to transport things from one mountain to another on the places where it wasn’t possible to build some bridge or any kind of a road. This style of transportation represents a touristic attraction today. Metal cables are placed between two hills, and a professional team will prepare you to slide down the cable from one side to another. This is unique opportunity to take magnificent photos, to see mountains from a different angle and to actually see the second largest canyon in the world from a unique perspective. The thrilling ride takes about 10 minutes, but the feeling after it lasts much longer. Price is 20 € per person.

Tara Zip Line

Not afraid to fly? There is a special activity for you then, while in Montenegro. Just above the Montenegrin tourism metropolis of Budva, you can fly like a bird. Paragliding has become one of the most popular activities to try in several tourism destinations. In Montenegro, most of the visitors take their paraglide flights from Brajići. This is a village on the road between Budva and Cetinje and it is one of the most popular viewpoints for tourists. Every excursion bus stops here, so travellers can take their souvenir photos of this part of the Montenegrin coast. This is not just the viewpoint, it is the starting point for paragliding over Budva. Experienced professionals will make this one of your best memories of your trip to Montenegro. You will see mountains, rocky coasts, beaches and beautiful emerald seas shimmering in the sunshine and more importantly all of the people down there will see you! Flying! You need to wear appropriate clothing and shoes. Price is around 50 € per person.

Paragliding above Budva

If you are keen on hiking, then Montenegro is the right destination for you! We suggest you to go hiking from Kotor to Lovćen by foot and to experience a wonderful time of your life. In the old times, there was a market in Kotor. People from the coast were selling tobacco, ships were importing goods from overseas and the residents of the central part of the country, especially Cetinje and villages around, were coming to market to buy the things they needed They travelled on foot, but they always brought donkeys with them, because they couldn't walk back, up on the mountain, with all the things they bought!

You can walk in their footsteps along that same road today. It takes about 3-4 hours and usually people start the hike in Kotor, just behind Saint Giovanni's fortress, and when they reach Lovćen or Njeguši (depends where you want to finish your hike) they take bus to go back. The easiest way to do this is to hire an experienced tour guide who also speaks your native tongue. The hike itself is free of charge, but guides charge around 60 € for this kind of services. There are some organised groups, who go every year on a specific date (Labor day on the 1st May, or Independence Day on 21st May), But no matter what season this is a journey well worth taking.

Serpentine Walk

Besides the Serpentine Walk hiking tour already mentioned - we suggest you visit one of the special national parks in Montenegro – Biogradska Gora. It is settled in the base of the mountain Bjelasica on the north-east of the country. The uniqueness of this park is its virgin forest, the oldest one in Europe. It is so thick and wonderful, that you will be convinced you are walking amidst a jungle. In the middle of it lays Biogradsko Lake, one of the north mountain’s jewels. The hiking tour  here goes all around the lake itself, on the marked path, through the forest. Plenty of travel agencies do excursions right here, so if you are interested, you can easily buy ticket for the excursion and feel the spirit of the oldest virgin forest in this part of the world. Price for entering the National park Biogradska Gora is only 2.5 € per person.

Virgin Forest Walk

One more hike to go!  – Šas lake with the ancient town Svač. Šas lake is still relatively unknown one of the reasons its nature is so well preserved. It is located in Ulcinj area , it’s surface is up to five and a half square kilometers and has a depth of up to nine meters. From the walls of the ancient city of Svač one can clearly see the lake, over which fly ducks, grebes, cormorants, herons, goby, gulls and other birds. The tranquility of Šas lake provides migratory bird species peace while they rest and then taking off for warmer climates. Šas lake used to be a hunting ground, and because of the disturbance in the winter you could not see a large number of birds. Tired birds are, unfortunately, an easy target to hunters, but in recent times, there are far fewer hunters on the lake, so it has again become a haven for birds and bird lovers alike. It is a short distance from the lost city Svač, which makes this place even more interesting in a historical and cultural way. This hike is free of charge.

Nature and History Treasure
Whilst visiting the unusual spots in Montenegro there are two towns you need to visit. Firstly Žabljak, in the north of the country, just in the middle of the National Park Durmitor. Žabljak is special as the town with the highest altitude in the Balkans and in this part of Europe. During the winter it is covered in snow whilst in summer, Žabljak becomes the spot where you may wish to escape the heat and crowds of the coast. While on the seaside is around 40 degrees Celsius, Žabljak has a continental climate, where still in the summer you need to have a sweater or jacket to wear. Whereas in the winter it is covered white, in the summer it is all green, so you can spend your time walking, picking blackberries, blueberries and wild strawberries and enjoy unspoiled nature. Entrance in the National park Durmitor costs 2 € per person.
Saint Stefan, (Sveti Stefan) is now really an island hotel resort, though everyone still refers to it as a town. This small Island is attached to the mainland by a narrow path and is situated between Budva and Petrovac.
Around the 15th century, the Pastrovics a group of 12 tribes built a fortress and houses as well as founding the church of St Stefan. Fortress Sveti Stefan achieved a grand rise in the first half of the 19th century when it counted 100 houses, three churches and 400 inhabitants on its small space limited by the sea and walls. There was no space for anymore. However, at the beginning of the 20th century, it soon lost both its economic power and political importance. Many inhabitants left, going to war or emigrating to the U.S. and by 1954 only 20 remained.


A group of architects and artists moved in and began the adaptation and renovation of the abandoned houses in 1954 and remarkably by 1957 they had turned them into a unique town-hotel - the most attractive and luxurious hotel complex in the Adriatic and the Mediterranean, intended for tourism at the highest level. In older times you could freely visit and enjoy this unusual island, being once owned by the ex-Yugoslav government, but today you need to pay for the visit. Aman Resort has their own tour guides who can walk around the island with you and show you all the important things and tell you all the interesting stories. The price is 20 € per person, for the visit that lasts about half an hour.
Two Special Towns

For adventurers and liberated souls, the spot to visit is on the very south of Montenegro, a place where the river Bojana kisses the Adriatic Sea and called Ada Bojana. This place is an area with plenty of restaurants situated on the river that serves sea and river fish equally. What makes this place different is the naturist camp, including accommodation, restaurant and naturist beach with total privacy guaranteed.

Plenty of the Balkan’s VIPs are coming here to take a moment of peace and to enjoy. Every year more and more people from various countries worldwide are curious to know more about this hidden place, this piece of heaven. There are also some additional activities such as horse riding. Prices in the camp are up to 70 € per person in the high season, based on the half board. 
Sea & Soul
If you are interested in archaeology, we have one final suggestion -  'Lipska cave'. Lipska cave is settled near Cetinje, just below the viewpoint Belvedere, from where you can see Skadar lake landscapes. This is one of the most valuable caves in Europe. The total length of the explored corridors is 1200 m, there are also plenty of interesting chambers, galleries and jewels. Underground lakes, springs and water flows make this cave even more special and fascinating for visiting. Price for visiting this cave runs from 7 up to 50 €, depends on age and on your interests. For 50 € you get a chance to play 'Treasure Hunt' inside of the cave.
Become Montenegrin Indiana Jones