Montenegro - A New Hotspot for Digital Nomads

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Most of you have probably heard of the concept 'digital nomads' as in recent years it has slowly begun to turn into a global trend. However, do we know who digital nomads are, what they do, and what way of life they relish?

Modern-day or digital nomads are freelancers (mostly young people), whose nature of the job allows them to work from anywhere on the planet. They do not have fixed working hours, and they work according to the needs of the project or job they are currently working on. Most digital nomads are engaged in modern IT jobs such as programming, graphic design, but also numerous branches of digital marketing. They could be found working from all around the world, from cafes, libraries, beaches, offices, co-living spaces, etc. There are many reasons why someone opts for a nomadic lifestyle. While some are looking for adventure, others are looking for cheaper living expenses or simply want to expand their business contacts by meeting people around the world.

Just like in the rest of the world this trend of digital nomads has also become popular in Europe, where countries such as Estonia, Portugal, and Greece accepted the initiation of the project of digital nomad visa. Croatia was the latest in the series of European countries that launched the digital nomad visa initiative as of January 1st, 2021. This has been seen as a good chance to attract year-round visitors and hopefully boost the tourism industries of the countries, which have been heavily affected and weakened by the COVID19 pandemic.

Experts believe that other countries in the region, especially those whose economies depend heavily on the tourist season, should follow Croatia's example. Montenegro is among those countries. If Montenegro was to regulate the visa program for digital nomads, a special benefit would be the improvement of tourism and the extension of the season to the whole year. Digital nomads would no longer come to Montenegro for just a few weeks but a minimum of few months or a whole year. Montenegro is an attractive destination for digital nomads due to its natural beauty, convenient climate, low living expenses, safety, and proximity to major European cities.

Quality telecommunications infrastructure is at the top of every digital nomad's list when choosing a host country. In Montenegro, most cafes, bars, restaurants, public libraries have a free Wifi/internet connection. Additionally, several internet providers offer different speed, price, and quality of internet service.

When choosing the country they want to come to, nomads also choose countries with distinctive configuration, so that they can make the best use of their time and combine work, leisure, and pleasure. The great advantage of working via the Internet is that you can change the environment as you wish. In this sense, Montenegro is an absolutely good choice! The diversity of its nature and cultural heritage is enormous and it can be a real thing to discover of the working hours. Many ex-pats who live here can prove this. 

Most digital nomads look for quiet and relaxed places. In most of Montenegro, you can get this. Montenegrin cities are busy and loud from time to time, but if you choose your living location wisely, this won't be a problem at all! Numerous rural areas are quite accessible and very close to cities. This provides you with both, peace and quiet as well as proximity to all necessary contents for daily living. Beautiful nature is all around, so once you finish with work, you can explore and enjoy. Here and here are just some of our suggestions.

Montenegrin coast is indisputably one of the main attractions of this mountainous destination, with more than 100 beaches positioned along its coast. Most of these beaches have beach bars and cocktail bars located nearby, some of them are hidden and untouched.

The majority of the European cities are only 2 hours away by air, and all the neighbouring countries like Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, only a couple of hours by car. Furthermore, Montenegro has been increasingly dedicated to ecotourism, sustainable development, and becoming a green destination, also one of the nomads’ priorities.

Speaking of the green way of life, our friends at Fit Camp Montenegro might be a good choice for digital nomads if they decide to come here. Their good and accessible location in Central Montenegro, which provides peace and organic food, is an excellent base for exploring the whole of Montenegro. Here, digital nomads will get a solid Wi-Fi connection, a cosy apartment tucked in nature and a Community Room that can be a place for gatherings, meetings, your office and so much more. The concept of FitCamp is self-sustainability by being dependent only on nature. They collect rainfall and re-use it; solar energy is also being used and the food produced on the estate is purely organic and available to their guests. To discover their packages for monthly stay for digital nomads, you can contact them here.