Hiking Orijen - Lovcen - Rumija

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Hiking trail Orijen-Lovcen-Rumija, more popular as the Coast-Mountain Transversal (primorsko-planinarska transverzala) or PPT, is one of the hiking trails in Montenegro going through the Dinaric Alps in Montenegro. Together with Crnomorska Transversala (CT1), this is one of the two long-distance trails in Montenegro. Its total length is around 180 km, and it takes about ten days (approximately) to finish this hike, which can be walked in both directions. The trail stretches from the south of Bar to the north of Herceg Novi, and it connects three important mountain massifs on the coast Orijen, Lovcen and Rumija.

Along this trail, you will encounter many historical, cultural, and natural attractions. The highest peak of Lovćen mountain, Jezerski Vrh (1657 m), stands out as the main attraction. This Mausoleum is a place where the Montenegrin Duke Njegoš grave is located, at the top of 461 concrete steps. While still alive, Njegoš built a chapel here on Jezerski Vrh, where he demanded to be buried after he dies. Amongst other are the peaks of Rumija (1595 m), and Zubački Kabao (1894 m) on Orjen massif, known as the highest peak of Eastern Adriatic.

This trail is divided into ten stages. It starts from Bar to Rumija Massif, over Sutorman pass, Lovački dom, Brajići, Ivanova Korita, Velji Zalazi, Tvrdjava Sveti Andrija, over Crkvice to Vrbajn and slowly descending to Herceg NoviHere you can find the map, described in detail. 

Experienced hikers recommend September as the best time of the year to go for this hike since the hot summer temperatures are slowly decreasing, and there will be no snow as it might occur in the early winter or early spring. Still, you should be prepared for unexpected rain because the weather varies at the summer-autumn gradation. Equipment-wise, you should bring long pants, long-sleeved shirts, and sunscreen as a must-have, both because of the wind and the sun. Due to the karst configuration of the terrain, very few water springs are available, so be sure to have enough supplies of water and food as well.

The marking on the entire transversal is excellent with a few exceptions, and you can use topo maps from the guide only for information. Nevertheless, having GPS is highly recommended. The Orjen-Lovcen-Rumija trail is one of the most challenging and physically draining trails you will have the chance to explore. But it is worth all the trouble! The stunning sceneries and sightseeing will leave you astounded, which will make you forget all the fatigue and exhaustion.