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Montenegro’s geographical features as a mountainous country with 3 different types of climate, give it the status of a country suitable for the development of various types of tourism. One of them is the so-called adrenaline tourism, which is gaining popularity in recent years.

Adrenaline tourism can be defined as a group of activities taking place in unusual, exotic or remote areas. It is most popular between young adventurists and adrenaline lovers. Under this categories rock jumping, bridge climbing, ice diving, bungee jumping, extreme canyoning, etc, can be listed.

Besides rafting, canyoning is becoming a significant segment of Montenegrin tourism, with the country being rich in canyons in both the coastal and mountainous parts of the country. Each canyon has a different kind of unique beauty that will leave you astounded.

Some of the most beautiful and attractive canyons in Montenegro are listed below!

Skurda Canyon

Škurda Canyon is located just above the Old Town of Kotor and it's specified as a vertical canyon because it has about 20 verticals from 4 to 27 meters high. Škurda River is a river you have crossed over many times without paying attention to it, as it separates the old and the new part of the town of Kotor. The warm waters of the river spring on Mount Lovćen, flowing into the Bay of Kotor. The canyon itself is 2 kilometres long and is passable all year round except during the periods of extremely heavy rains. The passage through the canyon lasts more than 6 hours, and it can be very challenging. Due to a large number of verticals (vertical difference goes up to 300 metres) and the continuous use of ropes, it’s not recommended for beginners. But the scenes of untouched nature are more than unreal. The final impression will leave you stunned!
PRICE - from 100 euros per person.


Rikavac Canyon

Rikavac Canyon is considered to be one of the easiest canyons to pass, so it’s great for beginners and people who encounter canyoning for the first time. At the length of 1.2 kilometres, it takes around 2-3 hours to pass through this canyon, which is located right next to the walls of the old city of Bar. In the municipality of Bar, besides this, there are four more canyons: Međuriječ, Nikezića Potok, Perin Potok, and Vruća Rijeka. Rikavac Canyon, with a water temperature of about 20°C, is among the warmest in Montenegro. Besides walking through water and swimming, this tour involves jumping off rocks and going down a rope, so it’s recommended for family groups as well. Take a look at how it was for us, here.
PRICE for the passage of this canyon starts from 80 euros per person.  


Medjurijec Canyon

Međuriječ Canyon is one of the most attractive canyons in Montenegro. It is located between Bar and Ulcinj, on the road from Bar to the Sukobin crossing border. The canyon is about 2 kilometres long, with a water temperature of around 20°C in the summer months. The adventure through this canyon requires great experience and willingness as it involves hiking through the green water, going down the waterfalls from 15 to 30 metres high, as well as some glides down the walls of the canyon cliffs. Depending on the physical fitness of the group, it takes about 3-4 hours to pass this spectacular canyon, which is located just 20 minutes away from the city centre. 
PRICE is from 100 euros per person.


Bogutovski Potok

Bogutovski Potok Canyon is located 40 km from Podgorica in the Kolašin direction. This gorge is ideal for canyoning because it does not dry up during the year. The canyon is about 1.2 km long with the vertical difference about 200 metres. There are around 10 verticals and it takes approximately 4-5 hours to pass through this canyon. Moss carpet and extremely slippery rocks are certainly two key features of Bogutovski Potok. Don’t be surprised if the beginning of the route is a bit common without any spectacular sights, because to see the real beauty of this canyon you must go deeper. The deeper you go into the canyon, the cliffs get steeper and the width decreases. The access to the canyon is a local asphalt road, and the canyoning finish is on the highway so there is not much walking, unlike the other canyons mentioned. 
PRICE is 100 euros per person.

Nevidio Canyon

Nevidio Canyon is considered to be the most impassable canyon in Europe. As the strange name itself implies nevidio= unseen; never seen before, this is the last discovered canyon in Europe. The local citizens call it “Neviđ Bog” (literal translation – 'Neither God can see it') according to the legend that not even God himself has seen the inside of the canyon. The canyon was conquered in 1965, and it’s recommended only for well experienced and equipped professionals. This is the canyon of the river Komarnica, which has created it and flows through it. Its length is about 3 kilometres, and it takes almost one day to go through the canyon. The fall of the canyon is large with several waterfalls and springs. The cliffs of the canyon reach a height of about 450 meters and the width in some places is a whopping 25 cm. Nevidio Canyon is one of the four canyons surrounding the Durmitor Mountain. There are also Tara Canyon, Sušica Canyon, and Piva Canyon. See our Nevidio adventure here
PRICE for one day package is 100 euro per person.


Gornja Grabovica Canyon

Gornja Grabovica Canyon is located near the famous Nevidio Canyon. The canyon is relatively short, about 1 kilometre long. It is quite wide and sunny, and the water is cooler than Nevidio by about 2-3 degrees. The canyon itself is made up of 5-6 abseils (a technique of descending the rope) 20 metres high and about 5-6 jumps varying from 1 to 5 m high. 
PRICE for one person starts at 80 euros.


Tara Canyon

The widely known Tara Canyon is known as the deepest and steepest canyon in Europe. The greenness and lushness of this canyon will leave you speechless. During its entire course, the water of the river Tara is drinkable and belongs to the first category. This canyon for the difference of the aforementioned ones is the real paradise for rafting. It gives the adventurers the enjoyments of river rapids, glades, stones, bridges etc. The Tara River is navigable for almost 100 kilometres on rafting boats. The canyon can be divided into two parts - the upper part of the canyon and the lower part of the canyon. The length of the tour depends on what you prefer to do, but it can be from 3 hours to 2 days long. Take a look at our adventure in Tara Canyon, here.
PRICE is from 45 EUR per person.

We invite you to visit and discover Montenegrin canyons, and share your stories and experiences with us!