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Close Encounters With Montenegrin Nature

Summer full of extreme adventure - that's how our team would describe summer of 2017! This August, after numerous festivals, we made our appointment with Montagna Travel Montenegro and Etno Selo Nevidio and our adventure could start!

First of all, note that, if you'd love to join to this tour, you must have a certain level of physical fitness and be able to bare very cold and very warm parts of the journey.

Our team came in the early morning to the etno village Nevidio where we had organised breakfast before starting the tour. The selection in the menu is great, as you can have a really good breakfast that can keep you going for several hours. Our choice was eggs and priganice. 

Breakfast at Etno Village Nevidio

After the breakfast, we all got our suits for the canyoning, with all the following equipment - helmets, special socks, protection belts etc., and our 2 guides - Kico and Jakov - have transferred us to the starting point. Right there, at the starting point, river Komarnica formed a kind of a natural pool and most of the guides going through the canyon are using this spot as the acclimatisation spot. There you test your suit, feel the temperature of the river waters and when you think you got used to, the tour starts!

Natural Pool To Accmilatise 

Besides our team, the group was about a dozen of persons, from various parts of the world - Bosnia, Belgium, Germany etc.

Our Adventure Group

The start went smoothly! All of us were so excited to be there and most of us for the first time! Luckily, we were with experienced guides who have made it through the canyon at least a hundred times each! What was interesting about the canyon on the beginning is that it immediately explains its name. The name, translated literally from Montenegrin, means no-see! Nevidio, as it's that steep and narrow that nor the sun or the moon are lightening its waters! When you enter the canyon it gets instantly colder up to 10 degrees than it was before entering in; all the time you walk in shades made by very high cliffs and stones that are blocking even the sky view! 

Entering is the easiest part

Admiring the Canyon

After a while, things got more tricky. That is where you start to understand why they ask physical fitness before you take this trip. Slippery rocks, very cold water and the extremely demanding terrain is something you are focused on all the time. The experience of the wild nature indeed is what you get! Step after step and we have come to our first jump! The guides always say that there is no coming back from here. Either you continue to the end, or the rescue service comes to take you back, with the help of the brave guides. 

One of the first jumps

Once we jumped for the first time, the adventure became totally extreme and so many 'obstacles' were on the way! Climbing the rocks was tricky due to the slippery terrain, but there were many exciting parts such as water slides! We were all happy like little children!

One Type of the Slides

Or the Other :) 

Scraping through the stone labyrinths was also very present, as we needed to pull through several such points. It was so fun that the whole group was so into it, with the adrenaline attack and we looked almost professional. :) 

Fitness is Required

Not only river water makes the slides, but we came to the spot where you face the man-made slides, to be able to continue the trip! Usually above various types of a chasm or profounds, men (Rescue Service of Montenegro together with adventurous canyoning guides) have made passing, using old woods or stone. One of the frightening moments, if you're afraid of heights, is this one, as you need to sit on the log and only by holding the stone you need to pass it. 

Not every member of our team is feeling comfortable with the log :)

After the highest jump for closing the show, we came to the end of the marked trail in the canyon and this part our group has successfully finished. Now, what was left is climbing the hill, so we can reach our transfer cars and get back to the village.  

Cliff 7 metres high

It takes about 30 minutes to climb up the hill and come to the parking where we left our cars. This is the warm part of the tour, as the diving suit you are wearing is very hot and it's not really the best hiking clothes. :) Most of us took the upper part of and continued the trip. There were even members who were not that well informed and got a bit angry when they realised they need to climb up for half an hour, after 2 hours in the canyon! So, to avoid this kind of stress, remember that this is the only possible way out of the canyon unless you have a private helicopter! :) If you decide to take this tour, you need to be ready to be cold and warm; to pass the canyon and climb the hill! 

Sceneries While Climbing the Hill

Overall, our impressions are great! We would all do it again and we will! The nature is so powerful that you get breath-taken when you realise where are you standing at! Our recommendation to every adventurous soul who comes to Montenegro! But, bare in mind, you are not welcome to do this alone doesn't matter the experience you have! You can contact us, or any of the people mentioned in this post and ask any additional information or schedule your tour! This canyon is an extreme place and many tourists get lost here, every year because they don't obey to local advice! Don't be one of those. :)

Successfully Done!

We will be more than happy to invite you to visit the photo gallery and watch some of the videos! Enjoy!SaveSaveSave