Tivat is Becoming a Part of Green Destinations

Press Releases
Sustainable development and responsible tourism have always been good topics for the tourism industry and after the crisis caused by the COVID - 19 virus pandemic, more than ever before. The development of tourism, in the next period, must focus on stable solutions, which will be part of integrated long-term recovery, credibility and success in all required aspects. In the short term, destinations need to be reorganised, focused on the safety of guests/visitors, proper information, support and close cooperation with the local economy and other stakeholders. In the long run, destinations must devise activities that will be based on professional destination management. 

The tourism development strategy of the municipality of Tivat 2024, has the goal to position Tivat as a tourist destination with an offer throughout the year, by the preservation of unique features, promotion of existing and new experiences as well as providing added value for the entire tourism industry chain. 

Tivat, as an already famous tourist city, has a desire to justify its place on the list of favourite tourist destination, by starting the process of basic analysis, coordination and joint definition of existing and new activities this June, with a chance to obtain certification by the Green Destinations program after detailed reporting, sustainable improvement and neutral assessment by international experts.

Green Destinations, a non-profit foundation for sustainable tourism development and recognition, offers support in the process of sustainable development, all through the active involvement of the local community and the business sector. By entering Green Destinations Tivat expects benefits such as independent assessment of good and bad destination sides, detailed proposals for improving tourism with an emphasis on “green solutions”, global recognition through Green Destinations or Quality Coast Awards - certification, recognition for good examples of practice implemented, as well as free connectivity with the global community destinations that strive for sustainable tourism, which gather every year at an international event Global Green Destinations Days.

More information about the Green Destinations program at this link.