Coronavirus Inspired Song Made in Montenegro - Śedi Doma

Arts & Culture Editorial Inspiration


As a result to a very strict quarantine in Montenegro, during the covid-19 pandemic, we’ve already written you how the creative artists of Montenegro are fulfilling their time and are motivating us to stay strong and safe. Reminder on this link.
We are continuing with the same editorial, but this time we have music artists who used their talent to create a corona-inspired song. The main goal was to invite their fellow citizens and the global population to stay at home and help to stop the spread of this crazy virus. 
The author of the text is Marko Vujovic, with whom we already collaborated – check it here. Together with him, 2 of his friends living in NewYork (Ksenija and Nemanja) and one friend from Podgorica (Irena) helped in recording the song. They all did it from their homes, online, and Marko assembled it in this final version that you can see below.
The song name is “Śedi doma” which in Montenegrin slang means – stay at home. By staying at home, you are supporting the Government’s measures and you are protecting yourself and people around you. We hope you are willing to be a part of the team this time and to support this action!
For more information about coronavirus in Montenegro, check this link.
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