Inspiring Art During the Covid-19 Quarantine - Kotor Edition

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Dr Photography


Quarantine time sometimes sounds harder than it is! The only thing in it is to keep your spirits up, follow the positive vibe and turn your creativity on max! Montenegrin artists are spending a wonderful time, we would say, as every day we get some more exciting materials to share. 

Artist and photographer from Kotor, Dragana, who publishes her work on her FB page Dr Photography, made an amazing series of shots from her hometown. In this time of coronavirus, she introduced some graphical nuances and made us enjoy the quarantine time. We wanted all of you to see this, too! Take a look at the gallery below.

Take a look at how the Clock Tower protects itself from the virus by using the surgical mask and how eco-versions of cruise ships are still arriving in Kotor, no matter what! Hotel Fjord is there again – waiting for the guests from the paper cruise ships…

Dragana has her unique souvenirs shop at the Museum Square in the Old Town of Kotor, so once we are back to normal, our warm recommendation is to go and visit her and take home a unique souvenir made in Kotor!


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Let’s enjoy art and other indoor hobbies together, while this madness is gone! Stay safe and stay at home.