Winter Events Calendar

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At this point of the craziest year of our lifetimes, we are extremely happy and grateful that we collaborate with the Regent team, as they make us feel like we are not alone in putting effort on the market to recover our audiences and guests. Yes, we might have a lot fewer visitors than in the last years, but guys, we are here! We should take advantage of it!


Thus, we are so happy to tell you more about Regent’s Winter Calendar that will keep our hearts warm in the months to come! At Regent, October starts amazingly! Truffle Dinner at the Murano Restaurant will take place on October 10th and you can make your enquiries here. Two Saturdays later, October 24th, the ones preferring Asian cuisine can spend a great afternoon and evening at the Sushi Rolls and Sashimi Day! This will not be the only occasion to taste the sushi at Regent, as this event will be repeated all autumn-winter season, on November 22nd, January 9th and February 20th. Closing the month of October, traditional Halloween will take place on October 31st from 7 pm and with live music included.


November is not bringing less fun! On 7th, the Regent team promotes Montenegrin cuisine in a special event called Montenegro’s Winter Taste Dinner, from 7 pm. Once more, tradition is held, and November 29th is dedicated to the Ex-Yu Night starting at 7 pm.

December, January and February

December is a festive month, so let’s celebrate and send this year away once for good. Regent PM Hotel is known for its magnificent New Year’s Eves, so do not hesitate to enquiry more details already now. Another Christmas Market, showcasing local produce and handicrafts, will take place during 2 weekends in December – 19th and 20th as well as 26th and 27th. On December 20th, live music will be spicing up the atmosphere. Traditional Christmas Lunch will be held on both Christmases – December 25th and January 7th from noon. February will come with a lot of love, during Valentine’s celebration and a great offer for both – stay and food, plus live music.

Daily Offer - Gourmet & Spa

Other than the fun calendar for the following months, daily offers will continue at the Gourmet Corner, from Cheese Fondue, Prosecco & Savoury, Weekend Specials and a Mulled Wine Offer in January and February.

Regent Spa will not be skipped as their treatments will be more available than ever before! Tune in for a hot stone massage or just enjoy the smells and relax with honey and chocolate scrub or just get some Me Time and decide in between a selection of face and body treatment.

More information you can find in the flyer below or contact us for your possible bookings.