Murano Restaurant - the Flawless Addition to Regent Porto Montenegro

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Dine & Wine in the Perfect Environment

Until the moment I visited the Murano Restaurant, I was 100% sure I despise all meat, but this made me double-think. But, let me start from the beginning, as there is so much to be told.
My Guide Montenegro had that privilege to be invited at the pre-opening evening of this unique restaurant, together with few other marketing and influencing colleagues that are making an impact on tourists' and visitors' point of view and are tending to attract more people to our beautiful destination.
Murano Restaurant is former Dining Room, but in totally new attire and with a new concept. The name comes as a logical choice as this wing of the Regent PM hotel is known as Venice wing and the square inside the village, where the hotel is located, is known as Venice square. This restaurant, as its role model, is thus found as an amazing island in the middle of Tivat's Venice and it reflects also the Murano glassmaking tradition, ornamented in the beautiful art by Svetlana Ostapovici. A perfect trademark for this restaurant is well reflected in the art mentioned above and we expect this to be seen as a very-instagrammable-spot inside Murano, for the following season. After replacing former Dining Room, that was amongst best 15 restaurants in the world in 2015, the Murano needs to show off and shine!
The evening started at the perfectly set dining table, just for us, and in front of every single guest there were small details, such as the menu printed on the perfect paper and arranged wonderfully; wine was pouring and we were warmly welcomed by a new managing director of Regent PM, Mr Kai Dieckmann, followed by his gorgeous-looking colleagues, Elena and Dragana. Elena, the PR & Marketing Manager, informed us of changes, why the new name and what to expect, but also explained that the restaurant tends to bring the local audience too, and not just tourists, as they want this to become a regular lunch or dinner place for locals and other Montenegrins, especially during the weekends and holidays.
While we were chatting and enjoying our time, the culinary team with waiters imperceptibly pulled the magic out and I was surprised by how it all started in a quiet mode but with dominant effect as the team was that fitted as they were dancing! Jovana, the restaurant manager and Zeljko, the F&B manager and Chef, were so kind and welcoming, serving us perfectly and explaining all in front of us with recommendations included. That gave me the perfect match to taste, so I warmly recommend you to ask the Chef to give a couple of hints by explaining you the meal, when you decide to visit Murano.
As a person that doesn't like how the meat tastes and who doesn't even eat it at all, I felt the urge to taste the salted & smoked beef carpaccio, served amongst the first couple of bites, as it looked absolutely perfect! I wasn't wrong, it tasted even better! Melting in your mouth, as it's not meat at all, tasting beautiful and arranged with a poached quail egg, cream cheese, lemon, thyme and vinegar snow with a piece of fried brioche. Voila, Zeljko and the team! The rest of the evening went in a similar spirit and every dish served had its own mark and a nice presentation by the culinary team.
I stopped for a moment to look around, while I was eating and that gave me a perfect match - what I saw was amazing and what I tasted was amazing too! A great place that delivers a great food! And I saw that I share the opinion with my colleagues around the table. The cuisine is mostly Mediterranean with the accent on the international and domestic wine list, to match the selected food. Combinations you'll taste will for sure amaze you with their creativity and simplicity but yet an unforgettable taste. The interiors in calming blue and white are bringing the real soul of the Mediterranean, simply making the unique kind of feeling, like as pausing the clock while dining in here. I don't believe there is even one person that dislikes this type of vibes. I felt calm and content.
I would give my warm recommendation to this restaurant, to anyone who is not afraid of trying great new things in their lives. This restaurant got me like oh!