Tivat - Winner of the Sustainable Top 100 Destinations in 2020

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Tivat was named one of the winners of the Sustainable Top 100 Destination award for 2020 at a ceremony held as part of the Global Green Destinations Days (GGDD20).

We remind you that during June, the Tourist Board of the Municipality of Tivat in cooperation with PE "Morsko dobro" nominated Tivat for Sustainable Top 100 Destinations for 2020.

This competition is held under the patronage of the Top 100 partners, with a special contribution from Green Destinations, Quality Coast, TravelMole, Vision on Sustainable Tourism, Travelife, ITB Berlin, Asian Ecotourism Network, Ecotourism Australia and GLP Films.

The competition aims to present tourism stories and examples of good practice of sustainable development of local and regional destinations, as inspiring examples to travel organisers and tourists. The nominations were evaluated by a team of sustainable Top 100 destinations, experts from different countries, partners and coordinators of Green Destinations. This year, the selection was more than ever determined by the quality, efficiency and examples of good practice provided by the destinations.

This is a great recognition of Tivat's efforts to be "safe, smart & sustainable" and very encouraging towards further sustainable development of Tivat and Montenegro. The successful management of the special nature reserve "Tivat Solila" and reporting in the first 15 criteria have shown that in the area of ​​Tivat, in the previous period, a large number of good initiatives were implemented.

The Tourist Board of the Municipality of Tivat would like to thank all the associates, strategic partners and colleagues, as well as the participants of the first workshop held in June in Tivat who helped in the application process and made Tivat one of the holders of this prestigious award.

We want to congratulate them and wish them more success in the period to come!

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