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At the tenth regular Assembly of Tourist Board Tivat, the director of this organisation, Ms Danica Banjevic, presented the details of the Work Report, which indicates how bad 2020 was for tourism in both Montenegro and Tivat. According to official data, Tivat recorded a decline in arrivals of 77% comparing to 2019.  

Last year, within the promo activities, a digital campaign 'Your holiday is in Tivat' was realised. Besides that, Travel Board Tivat organised a significant number of study visits of media from important emitting markets.

Certification of Tivat as a "Green Destination" is underway, and Tivat was declared one of the top 100 sustainable destinations in the world in 2020.

The president of the municipality, Mr Zeljko Komnenovic, introduced the Assembly members to the activities of the local government, which aim to promote Tivat in the region.

He pointed out the adopted health protocols, which should contribute to security among tourists staying in Tivat and Montenegro. Komnenović announced that the local government would undertake all activities to run smoothly during the tourist season.