Summer 2019 in Montenegro - Seafood Paradise at Tavern Trpeza in Kotor

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It's not always easy to know super interesting spots in the places you visit! That's why we are here for you, to recommend the best places and things to do! We had a pleasure to explore and enjoy one of the most romantic spots in the Old Town of Kotor - Tavern Trpeza. This tavern is located in the heart of the Old Town, just on the Milk Square (Pjaca od mlijeka) and it's Mediterranean cuisine oriented restaurant.

Trpeza is well known for amazing Boka Bay recipes and this is the place where you can taste various sorts of dishes that are traditional in the Kotor area. Even if it's located in one of the historical and cultural centres of Montenegro and Adriatic, its interiors are reflecting modern Mediterranean life, making you feel so cosy and beautiful!

Rich wines selection will help you spice your meals and fresh fish dishes will make you feel like in a Mediterranean fairytale. Tavern Trpeza is known for preparing traditional Boka Bay recipes, so here you have a chance to enjoy while exploring the rich heritage of Kotor, with kind waiters and always smiling hostess.

The owner curated their working policies with great attention and all the employees are putting their efforts to apply these. When we visited Tavern Trpeza, in the Old Town of Kotor, we had a bit of time to chat with Jovana (the hostess of the restaurant) and Vuk (the main Chef). Jovana and Vuk explained to us that most of Trpeza guests are foreigners, usually coming from the cruise ships (Kotor is well known as a cruising destination).

Also, we entered the Trpeza Tavern kitchen and enjoyed some time with Chef Vuk. He showed us how fast, how clean and how professional their team is and we are now delighted to show it to you and to recommend it from our hearts!

Tavern Trpeza is known for seafood dishes, that are traditional in the Kotor area and all of the coast of Montenegro. But, except seafood, they also prepare some excellent plates of pasta and risottos. We had the pleasure to enjoy watching the preparation of the mussels-dish, carbonara pasta and some side dishes as well and flavours and scents of the Mediterranean charmed us.

The Chef Vuk recommended a fish dish that is favourite amongst their guests - dentex in the salt, but he also explained that one of their special dishes is the San Pierre fillet, cooked especially.

Tavern Trpeza, in the heart of the Old Town of Kotor, is a real jewel amongst seafood restaurants and it has 3 different areas to offer you, to enjoy your meal. Either you are coming with friends, family or your sweetheart, we recommend you to experience this beautiful place and we are sure you will enjoy!