No Plastic Straws at Regent Porto Montenegro

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Eco Initiative

We are happy to announce, and we honestly salute the move, that Regent Porto Montenegro hotel banned plastic straws inside their hotel. Instead, guests will be able to use the other ones available now - made of cellulose. 

"Replacement of plastic straws is the second step in the process of plastic elimination at the Regent Hotel. Use of cellulose straws was noticed by the hotel's guests and they adored the initiative. This step is in accordance with the decision of the IHG group to which we belong, which announced the elimination of plastics in October 2018 out of all 5,400 hotels they manage. Also, we plan a whole series of measures that will be implemented gradually, aimed at improving environmental protection. Recall, one of the first steps
was "eco coffee" we realised in April this year, " Regent PM's Director Kai Dieckmann said on this occasion.

Our team agrees with this policy as we are also part of the ocistiME! initiative that started the petition on anning single use plastics in Montenegro and introducing the deposit refund scheme and it's our pleasure to hear that Regent, as our dear partner, has similar position! One more reason to visit them!