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The New Menu at Murano Restaurant


The new menu at the Murano Restaurant features dishes rich in textures, colours, food and presentation and the unavoidable choices start with Beetroot Risotto, Smoked Octopus Stew (buzara) and Three-coloured Homemade Linguine Topped with fresh shrimps, peaches and fresh summer truffles

Meat lovers will be able to pick rabbit, duck and succulent Wagyu beef from Chile. At the guests' request, some of the classics that Murano's restaurant presents in a personal way are left on the menu.  

The Chef Zeljko Knezovic emphasizes the Caprese Salad that is characterised by a complete reconstruction of a very simple salad to an impressive appetiser: a cream made of buffalo mozzarella, light-soured tomato and basil ice cream have not left anyone indifferent. Chef's recommendation of the fish classic is surmullet - a fish of specific taste and an integral part of an autochtonous culinary heritage.

Check the full Murano menu with prices on this link .