Lightwave Lustica Bay Light Show

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Original text from Lustica Bay press release
The Illuminated Experience at Luštica Bay will see its Grand opening on 7th August with a spectacular light and laser show at the Luštica Bay Lighthouse and the Marina!

This summer, Luštica Bay is launching an unusual Light show that is set to become one of the main attractions of the nightlife on the Boka Bay coastline. The grand opening of the Luštica Bay Light show is scheduled for August 7th from 9 pm, with a long fireworks display. The main stage of the Light show will be the destination’s breakwaters and lighthouse illuminating the sea and land, waves and sky on hot summer nights, providing an unforgettable experience to every visitor from any location within our destination. The magical performance of the light and laser show will be accompanied by music compositions, animators, flame throwers, completing the experience.
This miraculous light show will also include illuminated floating art, spheres, and various light surprises and entertainers.

An exceptional audio-visual spectacle will attract the attention of each guest, visitor and nautical lover who will drop anchor in Trašte Bay, bringing an unforgettable experience that may well be for many people the most memorable moment of their holiday in Luštica Bay.

"From year to year, we strive to provide our visitors with new experiences and attractions that will encourage them to always return to Luštica Bay as an oasis of relaxation where everyone will find a corner for themselves, during the day and evening alike, be it on beautiful beaches, in a plethora of shops, bars and restaurants, or at cultural and artistic meetings and attractive spectacles such as our authentic Light show. This is the first open space light show of this type in our neighbourhood, adding a new form of entertainment to entice all the visitors' senses; a new story to be told and memories forged", says Maša Radulović, Corporate Communications Manager.

In addition to the lights and lasers, the main stars of the Light show will be multicoloured installations of illuminated ships, floating in the Luštica Bay Marina, at the iconic cave entrance, swaying on the moonlit sea surface.

Visitors will also be able to create lasting memories with illuminated spheres and angel wings, which will become both a beautiful decoration of the Luštica Bay Marina and an opportunity to capture creative moments with cameras and mobile phones.

MyGuideMontenegro team will follow this grand opening from the Marina village at Lustica Bay, so stay tuned for lights on Saturday night! #LightwaveLusticaBay