A Liquid Therapy at Wine Salon in Lazure Hotel

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Pre-spring time in Montenegro is always in the sign of fabulous wine events! Our team had a chance to visit one of these events last weekend and indulge in the unforgettable flavours of domestic and international wines. 


The stunning Lobby of the Lazure Hotel was shining bright on a sunny Saturday when we visited the Wine Salon event. At the same time, the Mimosa Festival started, and the vibrant seaside of Herceg Novi reminded us of the good old times before the pandemic. We must admit, the ambience added value to this great concept of the wine event.
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Numerous exhibitors came to Boka Bay to show off their products and tell amazing stories about their wines to the visitors. Take a look at the list by country.
Wine Salon at Lazure
Montenegro Croatia Slovenia Bosnia & Herzegovina North Macedonia Serbia Italy France
  • Arhonto Krgović Winery, Rogami
  • Zenta Vučinić Winery, Rogami
  • Giljaca Winery, Grbalj
  • Sjekloća Winery, Crmnica
  • Meneghetti Winery, Istria
  • Volarević Winery, Komarna
  • Enjingi Winery, Kutjevo
  • Winery Dubrovački Podrumi, Gruda
Ščurek Winery, Brda Cellars Vukoje, Trebinje Dalvina Winery, Strumica
  • Kovačević Winery, Fruška Gora
  • Erdevik Winery, Erdevik
  • Chichateau Winery, Šišatovac (Erdevik)
  • Virtus Winery, Viteževo
  • Kiš Winery, Sremski Karlovci
  • Imperator Winery, Fruška Gora
  • Spasić Winery, Aleksandrovac
  • Distillery, Gorda, Gornji Milanovac
  • Distillery, Stefan Nemanja, Mionica
  • Basement Pevac, Kragujevac
  • Distillery Kovilj Monastery, Kovilj
  • Gin, June 93, Žica
  • Biondi Santi Winery, Tuscany
  • Zenato Winery, Veneto
  • Monte del Fra Winery, Veneto
  • Astoria Winery, Veneto
  • Antonini Ceresa Winery
  • Rivera Winery, Puglia
  • Tasca d’Almerita Winery, Sicily
  • Grappa, Berta-Piemonte
  • Charles Heidsieck Winery, Champagne
  • Domaine de Cala Winery, Provence, France
  • Chene Bleu Winery, Cotes du Rhone
  • Louis Latour Winery, Bourgogne, Chablis
  • M. Chapoutier Winery, Cotes du Rhone
  • Chateau Tour Perey Winery, Bordeaux
  • Chateau Greysac Winery, Bordeaux



It was a unique opportunity to taste some of the best wines made by small and medium-sized wineries around South Europe. We had a great time chatting with wineries representatives, who told us their stories about origins, the wine-making process, hopes, and plans. Good wine always comes with a great story! 

First-class prosciutto by Tavern Domestic and amazing Monte Bianco cheeses were a perfect match with extraordinary wines; we truly enjoyed them! 

The sunny weather contributed to the stunning ambience of Lazure Hotel Atrium, which was enlighted thanks to its beautiful glass vaults. We are already enthusiastic about the following Wine Salon at Lazure!

Remember, life is too short to drink bad wines!