VISA and My Guide Network - Save The Taste!

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We are so proud to announce the launch of a campaign that seeks to promote the "delivery menu" to support restaurants affected by COVID-19, done in the collaboration with VISA and our dear colleagues from My Guide Latin America.

The gastronomic solidarity action "Save The Taste" to be carried out in Chile during June - and which will last six weeks - will benefit around 50 restaurants that will be able to count on income to pay some of their fixed costs and stay afloat. 

There is no doubt that the gastronomy industry, both globally and locally, is living through its most difficult days. The onslaught of the coronavirus has hit the tourism industry very hard and, as a consequence, the culinary market, one of its most important engines. 
Today, restaurants in Chile are in a process of survival, trying not to fall into bankruptcy by using their financial reserves, with very few having this balance in their favour, while the vast majority are trying to get some kind of economic aid urgently. 
Within this context, the idea of carrying out the solidarity gastronomy action "Save The Taste" arose, an initiative organised by VISA and the online tourism platform My Guide Network, which through its website My Guide Chile is dedicated to disseminating and publicising the gastronomy proposals of various restaurants in Chile and Latin America.
"Save The Taste" campaign, which also has the collaboration of the multinational Rappi, seeks to promote the gastronomic concept known as the delivery menu, a delicious gourmet experience that you can receive and enjoy in the comfort of your home. In this way, all lovers of good food who visit the website and also through the application Rappi Chile, can buy various alternatives of 2-step menus (starter and main course) for a value of 12,000 pesos, in the fifty restaurants participating in this activity, which will be supporting the gastronomic industry to continue,"  explains Alexander, Commercial Director of My Guide Latin America
Gastronomy is and has always been a fundamental part of the cultural heritage of all countries, so today more than ever it is very important to be able to help it move forward and also to protect the work and great work done by all those who are behind this industry.