Trends in Travelling

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This year travels, and travel trends, are largely conditioned by the coronavirus pandemic that has hit the entire world. The pandemic has not only changed our way of life but also changed our choice of destination, as well as the type of travel we will most likely embark on this year. What has become clear is that travellers will prioritise their journeys regarding health conditions and safety. Research has shown that despite limitations and constant uncertainty, the desire to travel has not diminished. The flexibility of reservations will be one of the main criteria when choosing a vacation destination, and an increase in last-minute accommodation reservations is expected.

Last-minute travels 

Last minute travel planning has been in trend for the last few years, and this year it is expected to become one of the biggest trends in 2021. Many people use almost every free weekend to go on trips within the country or neighbouring countries, to escape and take a break from everyday life, at least for a short time. Such a trip does not need to be planned for weeks in advance. Just find accommodation two or three days before, hop in your car on a Saturday morning and in a couple of hours, you are already at your desired destination.


Citizen-traveller trend 

Regarding the situation with the novel coronavirus, local travel has come to the fore as a simpler and much safer option. Travelling to nearby local destinations saves money and time, and in a certain amount, it reduces the possibility of the virus spreading if the rules are followed. Staying closer to home and turning guests into local travellers, not tourists, will be at the very top of travel plans. The world of travel will lead to a resurgence in the popularity of car trips, where travellers will explore local hidden gems.

Besides, new generations of travellers are ready to experience the location that they visit and do their trip in the local lifestyle way. They want to feel like locals, eat what locals eat, and spend time with locals. This way they are becoming 'citizens' of the destination they visit.


Glampervan road-trips

This will also lead to greater popularity of not only car trips, but also of glamper van road trips as a much faster and more flexible option than flying with planes. This is at the same time a more relaxed variant of travel, with close friends and family, avoiding getting in contact with large crowds at airport and bus stations. Let's not forget the fact that this is the most financially profitable option, which will allow you to use your vacation and time in the best possible way.

Out-of-office trend (OOO)

Working outside the office became part of everyday life during the pandemic, showing that in the future people will go on longer trips where they will be able to combine work and pleasure more efficiently. A significant increase is expected in vacations combined with work (workations), with travellers trying to extend their trips to new locations and stay a week or two longer to work outside the office or will arrange a vacation while on a business trip.


Nomad travels, Nature and Health

In 2021 Nomad travels will replace luxury travels and destinations. People will prefer to go on short weekend trips, visit national parks, indulge in nature and escape from the city hustle. Sleeping under the stars, camping and reconnecting with nature is what most travellers are interested in today, as popular intent searches have shown.

Digital Detox Travels

As 2020 was marked by closures and lockdowns, we have spent most of our time in our homes. Furthermore, most of our work was done from home. Consequentially, this year, exploring nature and staying outdoors will be one of the top choices when it comes to travel. We all need to unplug from the digital world, refresh and recharge in nature. This is exactly the program our friends from FitCamp Montenegro are working on, to help us reconnect with our inner selves and develop a healthier community.

What are the trends that will mark 2021 in your opinion, and for what travel types will you most probably opt-out for this year?