Travelling to Montenegro During COVID-19

Editorial Press Releases
It has been 12 months since the first cases of the COVID19 virus infection have been officially confirmed in Montenegro. During this time, the total number of registered cases and the total number of active COVID19 cases in Montenegro you can find on this link here. Montenegro has accordingly to the situation taken all necessary measures and precautions, and following the recommendations of the Ministry of Health and Public Health Institute, has opened its borders for its residents and foreign nationals.

Countries from which it is possible to enter Montenegro are divided into 3 groups:
  • The first group is the “green group”, whose residents and nationals can enter and stay in Montenegro without additional restrictions regarding COVID-19. 
  • The second group is the “yellow group” of the counties, from which nationals and residents can enter Montenegro, without the measures of self-isolation or quarantine only with the negative PCR, ELISA or ECLIA test for COVID-19, not older than 72 hours. **(The obligation of having the test does not apply to children under the age of 5). According to the National Coordination Body, the travellers should have not stayed in any of the countries outside of the green and yellow lists at least 15 days before the entry to Montenegro, except in transit. 
  • The third group is the “red group”, which includes all other states from which the entry and stay in Montenegro are possible with the determination of the measures of self-isolation or quarantine. (14-day obligatory quarantine or self-isolation)
Green countries EU Member States (Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy,  Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain and Sweden) and Algeria, Andorra, Angola, Azerbaijan, Barbados, Belarus, Brunei, Cambodia, Canada, China, Cuba, Egypt, Fiji, Georgia, Iceland, Indonesia, Jamaica, Japan, Jordan, Liechtenstein, Madagascar, Malaysia, Mauritius, Monaco, Mongolia, Morocco, Mozambique, Nepal, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Norway, Papua New Guinea, Paraguay, Philippines, Russia, Senegal, South Korea, Switzerland, Tajikistan, Thailand, Trinidad and Tobago, Tunisia, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, Ukraine, Uruguay, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, Zambia and Zimbabwe
Yellow countries Albania, Australia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Israel, Kosovo, Lebanon, North Macedonia, Serbia, Seychelles, Singapore and the USA​
Red countries ---
*** This list is from December 1st

The obligation of having test does NOT apply to children up to the age of five.

What is important to know is that upon the entry, the country of which the person is the resident is observed and prioritised, not the country of which the person is a national, in case if it is not the same country.

All border crossings in Montenegro are open, except for the following road border crossings:
  • Vuča on the road route Rožaje – Tutin
*Entry of passengers from Bosnia and Herzegovina to Montenegro is not allowed through the border crossings Šćepan Polje on the road route Plužine - Foča.

International road, maritime and air traffic (rail passenger traffic is suspended) is performed with countries and across the territory of the countries from the 'green list', and most commercial flights have re-established their scheduled flights to Montenegro.

Currently, active airlines at Podgorica Airport are:
Montenegro Airlines - Zurich - Podgorica - Zurich
Montenegro Airlines - Ljubljana - Podgorica - Ljubljana
Montenegro Airlines - Frankfurt - Podgorica - Frankfurt
Montenegro Airlines - Dusseldorf - Podgorica - Dusseldorf
Montenegro Airlines - Copenhagen - Podgorica - Copenhagen
Montenegro Airlines - Paris - Podgorica - Paris
Montenegro Airlines - Lyon - Podgorica - Lyon
Turkish Airlines - Istanbul - Podgorica – Istanbul
Ryanair - Berlin - Podgorica – Berlin
Ryanair - Bologna - Podgorica - Bologna
Ryanair - Krakow - Podgorica - Krakow
Ryanair - Poznan - Podgorica - Poznan
Ryanair - Wrocław - Podgorica - Wrocław
Ryanair - Dublin - Podgorica - Dublin
Ryanair - Brussels - Podgorica - Brussels
Ryanair - London - Podgorica - London
Ryanair - Barcelona - Podgorica - Barcelona
Ryanair - Stuttgart - Podgorica – Stuttgart
SmartWings - Paris/Athens - Podgorica - Paris
Wizz Air - Dortmund - Podgorica - Dortmund
Wizz Air - Memmingen - Podgorica - Memmingen
Wizz Air - Katowice / Warsaw - Podgorica - Katowice / Warsaw
LOT Polish Airlines - Warsaw - Podgorica - Warsaw
LOT Polish Airlines - Poznan - Podgorica - Poznan

Currently, active airlines at Tivat Airport are:
Montenegro Airlines - Hanover - Tivat - Hanover
Montenegro Airlines - London- Tivat - London
Eurowings - Dusseldorf - Tivat - Dusseldorf
Air company Jonika - Kyiv - Tivat - Kiev
SkyUp Airlines - Kyiv - Tivat - Kiev
Ukraine International - Kyiv - Tivat - Kyiv
LOT Polish Airlines - Warsaw - Tivat - Warsaw
Belavia - Minsk - Tivat - Minsk

NOTE: These are the lists of currently active airlines at Podgorica and Tivat Airport and due to the current epidemiological situation in the country, they are subject to changes, so it is necessary to regularly check the status of the flight with the airlines.