Summer 2019 in Montenegro - Skadar Lake Cruise with Zabes Holidays

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Exploring Skadar Lake in Montenegro can never get boring! Especially if you have such a great host as Zabes Holidays! Skadar Lake is one of 5 national parks in Montenegro and it is the biggest lake in the Balkans and also a very interesting natural phenomenon as it is lower than the sea level (so-called crypto depression).

Our adventure with Zabes Holidays started in Virpazar and every inch of it was a pure delight, with great views and a very exciting ride on the waves, after which we had a chance to enjoy birdwatching on the lake.

Did you know that Skadar Lake is a paradise for birdwatching adorers? This is an area with over 280 bird species, some of which are rare and unusual! Skadar Lake is included in the Ramsar list of wetlands with special value. This area is special indeed, with hundreds of different bird and plant species and besides is perfect for swimming, sunbathing and enjoying kayaking, canoeing, boat rides etc.

One of the symbols of the Skadar Lake is a famous Dalmatian Pelican, that nests here in this national park. But, on our ride, it was quite hot and windy and these are not conditions for pelicans. They'd rather show up in the spring or autumn time. But, we saw many other species and we even filmed some of them for your pleasure!

Our best choice for exploring Skadar Lake comes to Zabes Holidays! This is a family-run company, where they all work hard to bring the best possible experience for their guests and Montenegro visitors. When cruising with Zabes Holidays they tend to bring you in the most interesting parts of the lake, for your full enjoyment! If you are a small group, we recommend their small wooden boats. But, they also have a boat for 30 persons, in case you are coming with a big company.

They are so good that not only we are recommending them, but Lonely Planet and Trip Advisor, too!

Even if it was a windy summer day, it was miraculous for us, and we hope you will enjoy it equally through our videos and book your ride after it!