Summer 2019 Full of Events at the Lustica Bay and The Chedi Hotel

Press Releases


More than 30 events, including concerts, exhibitions, multi-day festivals and fairs, featuring top performers from the region and the world, and events for children, then lovers of Latin rhythm, jazz, classical and pop music, wines and treats, gastronomy, adrenaline and others sports will mark the summer season and autumn in the Luštica Bay, a new town on the Adriatic.

The company will organise most of the cultural events with renowned international festivals KotorArt, Purgatorije, Operosa, Mediterranean Notes, Harmonika Fest and other partners.

"We will have events created for a pleasant family stay, followed by events hosted by local food makers and handcrafters, art fairs and similar events. From beach parties, salsa evenings, children treasure quests, up to the weekly specially created themed evenings at Hotel The Chedi”, said Dragana Bećirović from the PR department at Lustica Bay. Spring and summer are more dedicated to cultural events, art events and sports events, and autumn will come with a gastro offer when the second edition of the ‘Fall Colors Festival’ and the ‘Chocolate Fair’ will be organised.

From July 22 to 24, the city of Tivat will host a festival of orchestras from Europe and Asia, ‘the Mediterranean Notes’, and two of the seven concerts will be held in Luštica Bay. On the centenary of performing the famous Handle’s ‘Music on Water’ composition, originally performed on the Thames in London, Lustica Bay and the Culture Centre Tivat will feature this musical spectacle on the July 18th at the beach of Lustica Bay. There will be 26 top musicians under the conductor Dimitri Prokofiev. This is the first time in almost a hundred years that this piece is performed in this way.

For July 9th, Lustica Bay in the cooperation with KotorArt Festival, announced the performance of the Swedish Sirocco quartet, and for July 20th concert of the Croatian jazz singer Tamara Obrovac, while on the August 7th audience will have the opportunity to follow the concert ‘The Magic of the Blue Clock’ by world-renowned pianist Yuje Wang and clarinettist Andres Ottensamer. KotorArt announced a lecture by the well-known international management expert, Isak Adižez on the topic ‘Secrets of Modern Company Success’ for July 16th and August 1st will bring the concert by the Hungarian rock star Ildiko Keresteš known as the Hungarian Tina Turner.

PR of The Chedi Hotel, Marko Vukićević said that they are focusing on the newly opened beach, where they will have interesting events such as open-air cinemas, concerts and DJ parties. It will focus on gastro events, wine evenings with local winemakers, gastronomic classes with their Chef Guillermo Fernandez Flores, and many other events. 

This summer is particularly important to Lustica Bay and The Chedi Hotel, bearing in mind that this is the first operating summer season, assuming that the marina village and The Chedi Hotel opened on August 17th last year. All events information will be available on the Lustica Bay website as well as on social media channels and you can find all of these on our pages too!

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