Sea Dance Festival 2019 - Creating Memories

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The 6th edition of the Sea Dance Festival has ended successfully! We enjoyed, we danced, we laughed, we sang, and the vibes of the festivals infected us all! It seemed like Buljarica beach has never been more ready for this event!
Perfect organisation, enough parking, fresh food and a wide selection of drinks, amazing camping site, international ticketing and payments, everything was functioning! These were just some of the reasons to make you feel like you are at one of the most attractive spots on the planet Earth!
Let us tell you a bit about the Sea Dance Festival in numbers!
-    11 trucks of the most modern equipment
-    Number 1! - It’s the most powerful festival production in Montenegro.
-    8 colour lasers specially arrived from Greece
-    More than 50 tons is the weight of the Main Stage 
-    3D Led system especially arrived from Exit Dance Arena
-    320 sqm of screen
-    Over 63000 visitors during 3 festival days
-    4 stages
-    visitors from 40 countries
-    transportation organised from more than 10 cities around the country.

Day 1

With the most popular, modern music, the first day of the festival started! Many performers on various stages were taking their turns and one of the most interesting facts for that evening was that Slovenian hip-hop performer Senidah was offered to collaborate with internationally known Disciples. You all know their biggest tune "How Deep Is You Love"!


The first evening brought such great energy and enjoyment and we had so much fun while listening to Sven Vath, Richie Hawtin, Gaiser and many others!


Day 2

After a great first night at Sea Dance festival, our expectations lifted-up! The night started with a very refreshing performance by DJ Offenbach, who shook the mass. We had an exceptionally good time and a quality warm-up for a star of the night - DJ Robin Schulz!
There are no words good enough to describe the energy that flew amongst a great number of people in the audience, who were singing altogether Robin’s hits and dancing like crazy! The audience went mad when Schulz thanked them at the end of his set - with a Montenegrin flag all over video screens!

After this great show at the Main Stage, we have visited our favourite spot at the festival - No Sleep Sea Dance! There is something adorable about that owl-designed stage, set right on the beach, watching the sea while sunrise… That evening, DJ Helena Hauff made a truly unbelievable party! The first rays of the sun were followed with a massive set by this techno magician! This second evening at Sea Dance was certainly a party to remember!


Day 3

Grand finale on the 3rd evening was long-awaited as the main star of the night was super famous David Guetta. But, to spice things up, before him, there were Who See and Disciples, who made a boiling atmosphere and Guetta just finished all out in style! David Guetta thanked the audience for an amazing experience and treated us with many special effects, fireworks and confetti. Meanwhile, at the beach stage NSSD, Tijana T was rocking the night away and we welcomed the new day while dancing barefooted at this amazing venue!
This edition had 2 amazing digital features too - first when Sea Dance announced their Viber Rakuten Stickers available free to all the users worldwide and second - a new mobile app, to make it easier for every single visitor!
Fireworks, colours, waves of happiness and waterfalls of joy that is what Buljarica was made of in these remarkable 3 days! We already look forward to the next edition and hope to see you all dancing!