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Opening during summer 2022 - A place of authentic spirit, a world away from everyday life


Mamula Island, a boutique luxury hotel transformed from an old fortress into a modern sanctuary of hospitality, is about to welcome its first guests this summer. A world away from everyday life, Mamula Island is the perfect environment for relaxation with superior comfort and vibrant lifestyle content amidst untouched nature.

Located at the entrance to the Bay of Kotor, encircled by the blue sea and sky, this island hotel offers an unforgettable experience of staying in an environment where history and future meet. Mamula Island is a place of authentic spirit, rich cultural and historical heritage and stunning natural beauty.

The hotel has 26 rooms, 6 suites, a holistic spa, wellbeing facilities such as swimming pools, ritual rooms, a gym, running track, as well as 3 restaurants and 4 bars. The hotel has its own beach and sundeck. A special place is reserved for a historical-memorial gallery that pays tribute to the history of this site.
“Mamula Island is a project that embodies an exceptional vision and great effort to preserve the fortress from decay. With the utmost respect for its cultural and historical heritage, we have created a truly special environment that will be a novelty in the hospitality offering of the region, a one-of-a-kind destination on the Adriatic coast. We are looking forward to providing our guests with an individualised experience: short stays, long stays, retreats, seminars, intimate ceremonies, extensive celebrations… Mamula is a place for all occasions and all seasons”, said Mr Henning A. Schaub, General Manager, Mamula Island.

The hotel, spa, restaurants and memorial gallery will also be open to local visitors. An exquisite culinary offering is an integral part of this luxury boutique hotel concept. In addition, in cooperation with a wider cultural community, and with the participation of local and world-famous artists, guests will have the opportunity to enjoy a range of cultural, sports and entertainment events throughout the year, especially at the height of the summer season.

Mamula Island is set at the entrance to the magnificent Bay of Kotor, which is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site in Montenegro. The boutique luxury hotel is located within an Austro-Hungarian fortress, built 169 years ago. Reconstruction and transformation of the site were carried out in accordance with the highest global standards, to fully preserve the architectural authenticity as well as cultural and historical heritage. Special attention was paid to the preservation of the natural environment of the island. Within the hotel, more than 100 jobs are being opened for applicants from the local community, as well as for potential employees from the region.
“We are very proud that Orascom Development Holding has been continuing our idea to successfully implement this integrated settlement in complementing Luštica Bay. This is another world-class tourist site on the most beautiful part of the Montenegrin Riviera that will become a must-visit destination for guests from the region, Europe and around the world", said MrSamih Sawiris, founder and ex CEO and chairman of Orascom Development Holding.

Mamula Island’s exceptional location and concept, as well as its individualised hospitality experience, will offer something truly extraordinary to its guests. This sanctuary of hospitality will certainly place a new flag of Montenegro on the map of world travel destinations.
Images by Fat Tony Studio