Celebrating Regent's 8th Birthday in Montenegro

Press Releases
The so-far best business result in July 2022 is the perfect tribute to the eighth anniversary of the Regent Hotel operation in Montenegro!

"We will measure this year's success at the end of the summer season, but I can proudly share that July 2022 is a record month compared to any month in previous years. We hope for a successful August, while September, according to the previous analysis, should be a fruitful month, despite numerous challenges and the absence of two important emission markets. German, British and American markets have returned in large numbers, and we see Turkey, Israel, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and the countries of Central Europe as markets with large potential, and we work hard on this. I need to mention the neighbouring countries, which were the best partners, loyal markets and our dearest guests throughout all the seasons and years of our business," stated Kai Dieckmann, general manager of the Regent Hotel.

"We owe this result to every member of our team! People dedicated to the execution of their tasks at an extremely high level are delivering a story of high-end tourism in Montenegro. In this industry that is very sensitive to any oscillations, one business can only be sustained if strategies for overcoming challenges do not remain on paper but are implemented by each team member."

Hotel Regent hosted 245,398 guests over 8 years as one of the most successful IHG hotels in Southeast Europe and is considered an exceptional host of some of the most successful events in tourism. Regent PM is recognised for its exceptional service, the optimal value for money, and numerous notable innovative industry sales and marketing initiatives. Regent is an ambassador of Montenegro and the lifestyle of Boka Kotorska, as evidenced by numerous articles in the world's most renowned media, whose total advertising value (for just 7 months of 2022) is € 1,086,087.