Black Pearl Sailing Around Lustica Bay

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One of the biggest sailing super-yachts in the world


Visiting Lustica Bay last week, we’ve been stunned by the glory of a new visitor! One of the world's largest sailing superyachts, the 106-metre long beauty was spotted being anchored in the past two weeks in Traste and Bigova Bays. Attractive as it gets, it has been on most of the social media posts made at Lustica Bay, as a thing of admiration of The Chedi guests and marina visitors.
It is one of the largest yachts in the world that uses modern so-called Dyna Rig cross sail management system on its three large masts made of carbon fibre. It brings the feeling of a pirate ship, making Lustica Bay look like a movie scene these days.

The yacht has been built in 2017 by Dutch yard Oceanco. Its masts are 70 meters high and carry 18 sails with a total area of 2,900 square meters, enabling the yacht to reach a maximum speed of 30 knots at a favourable wind.

The boat is a worldwide attraction and it looks magnificent! It has been a recent winner of the multiple design awards - during 2019 the boat has been chosen as a ‘Best Sailing Yacht of 60m and above’ at the World Superyacht Awards, and winning top honours at Boat International Design & Innovation Awards in ‘Best Naval Architecture for Sailing Yachts’.

Enjoy the photos by Veri Veroza!

We hope you visited Lustica Bay in the last weeks, as they have an amazing list of events active daily. If not, check it out here and plan your visit soon!