Events at Lustica Bay and The Chedi Lustica Bay - Summer 2020

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Summer 2020 is very slow in Montenegro! Guests from all around the world are restrected to visit due to COVID19 situation and measures. We are getting used to this new situation and creating our summer in a slightly different way.

Some brands are behaving as real heroes on the market, ignoring the hard situation and giving their best to motivate guests for various activities, as well as to offer them a rich calendar with a bunch of events that are taking place at their premises. We see this as a unique opportunity for Montenegrins also, to experience vacationing on the Mediterranean and not just hosting the guests, as usual!

The Chedi Lustica Bay and Lustica Bay teams gathered together and created a beautiful list of events! Family with children, single people, group of friends, couples... No problem! There is something for everyone! They will have daily events active, where people interested can join (if you are a hotel guest or a homeowner at Lustica, most of the events are complimentary). Our favourites are in the table below and you can click to get more information or to book if you are interested in some!

Mondays Cooking classes for guests and homeowners and rental visitors/adults only 1 pm 
Tuesdays Morning yoga at The Beach
Kids Pizza Class
8 am
11 am
Wednesdays Movie Nights 8:30 pm
Thursdays Morning yoga at The Beach
BBQ Evenings
8 am
7 pm
Sundays  Morning yoga at The Beach 8 am
Daily except Sundays Fitness Bootcamp 8 am

Now, take a look of how it was at the first demonstration Cooking Class, last Monday, July 20th. Write to us for any additional information and have a great time at Lustica Bay this summer!