Travelling After Coronavirus

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June has already arrived, and June always heralded the start of the tourist high-season and the long-awaited trips. But this year the universe has prepared a little bit of a different plan for us. Out of the blues, the whole world found itself in a situation where our lives stopped briefly and our ability to travel was minimised. Thus, all of this is happening at the period of summer being at the doorsteps, and the lovely weather is just tempting you to go out and indulge in the call of nature.

Due to the rapid COVID-19 virus outbreak, many measures have been taken, both from precautions and necessities; most country’s borders are closed, flights cancelled, resorts, hotels, and spas closed, etc. This has had an unprecedented impact on the travel and tourism industry. And one of the most frequently asked questions is about life after corona? How do we recover from this? When the situation will go back to normal and will we be able to travel carefree like we used to?


When will we be able to travel again?

There’s no definite answer to this question, but experts predict that travel bans and restrictions will start to loosen at the beginning of July. So if you have already booked a trip before July it will be better to postpone it, instead of cancelling. Of course, as soon as the travelling conditions are safe enough, people will continue with their regular activities. But it is predicted that most of the trips and travels will be domestic trips by the end of 2020, even during 2021, according to some sources. This implies that health factors will be more present between consumers.


When will the airline start with regular flights?

Airlines are expected to start with flights as soon as possible in the most important hubs and cities where public health conditions are satisfying and the demand for international transportation is strongest. That is first expected to happen in Europe, of course with restrictions and health checks. It is recommended to ensure having a safe trip or vacation, to follow regular updates and travel advice from the local authorities and governments, as well as the recommendations from the World Health Organisation.


What destination will people be travelling to and will cities be the last tourism destinations to come back? 

People will for sure be happy to travel again, but it’s difficult to predict whether it will be done it the same way. The economic situation will also have its impact as many people have lost their jobs, so travelling now might become a luxury. People will opt out for some cheaper trip versions like weekend getaways, or short local trips, to avoid overcrowded places. It is speculated that small, not overcrowded countries will be a real hit when it comes to future travel and popular destinations.


Will there be a new change in popular tourism destination countries/regions? 

After the travel bans and restrictions, and even mandatory quarantines and isolations, people will probably want to stay close to home for a while.  Economists conclude that 2020 will be a very challenging year, so for those who don’t want to stay without holiday, and not spend a real fortune on it, travelling regionally might be one of the best options. 


As of the 2nd of June, the Montenegrin National Coordination Body for Infectious Diseases has declared an end to the coronavirus epidemic in Montenegro. The loosening of measures has begun in the mid of May, with restaurants, cafes, shopping malls, hairdressers being opened, and for more than 4 weeks no new cases of the virus have been recorded. At the moment, Montenegro has 1 imported case from Budva, who travelled to Bosnia & Herzegovina and got infected there. 
In that light, Montenegro has opened its border to more than 100 countries, allowing entry “for those countries where there is a significant slowdown in the spread of coronavirus, a decrease in the number of new cases, as well as where the number of active patients is not more than 25 per 100 thousand population.