The Development of tourism in Montenegro


With such beautiful natural resources, it is not surprising that developers are keen to invest

The newly independent state of Montenegro is one of the fastest growing tourist economies in the world. Located in the centre Europe, on the stunning Dalmatian Coast and within easy cruising distance of the Adriatic Sea, it has much to offer as a tourist destination.
Montenegro has some of the world’s most beautiful beaches and, unless visiting in the peak tourism months of July and August, is much quieter than the more traditional destinations of France, Spain and the Greek Islands. The coastal towns offer everything that a holiday destination should, a range of accommodation, restaurants, cafes, bars and clubs, but also charm and history in the medieval architecture. Budva is the most popular tourist hot spot and is therefore more built up than the others. This may not suit the visitor intent on enjoying Montenegro as a still relatively unknown tourist location, but is perfect for holidaymakers who like to hit the bars and clubs after a day sunbathing on the beach.
Sveti Stefan
Travellers who really want to get away from the thronging crowds only have to head north to the Durmitor Mountains, where they can escape to a beautiful unspoilt wilderness. Outdoor activities, such as skiing, rafting, trekking and biking, are just a few of the pastimes that can be enjoyed in the pure fresh air. Deep gorges, clear rivers and lakes and permanent glaciers are there to be explored or merely observed. In recent times, following increasing global popularity, Montenegro is developing extreme sports for tourists to try.
Added to the natural beauty of this small country, the turbulent and rich history has left a wealth of historic monuments throughout the land. Overall, Montenegro has much to offer when it comes to attracting tourists of all ages to its Adriatic shores.
Durmitor lake
Montenegro is an ecological state; a declaration by its parliament promises to protect the people and land of Montenegro. In addition to protecting the environment, it ensures that it is one of the key destinations for eco-tourists. Long sunny summer days and cold snowy winters have established the two most developed tourist destinations; relaxing on the coast in summer and skiing in the mountains in winter.
With such beautiful natural resources, it is not surprising that developers are keen to invest in Montenegro. The government, however, being aware of the importance of tourism to the economy of the country, is determined not to spoil the region and has introduced strict development legislation. The emphasis is on elite tourism as opposed to mass tourism. 
Lido swimming pool at Porto Monenegro
Two major investments in the country are the development of Sveti Marko Island into Europe’s first six-star resort and spa. Sveti Marko is extraordinarily beautiful, with olive groves, cypress trees and sub-tropical vegetation adding a rich green and lush vibrancy to the island. Surrounded by crystal clear water, bathers can swim into intimate coves and bays, watched over only by brooding mountains.
Developers are eager not to spoil this loveliest of places and are determined not to compromise its beauty while constructing luxurious tourist accommodation. Sustainable growth and recycling strategies are employed and only electrically-powered vehicles will be allowed on the island.  
One of the largest direct foreign investments in Montenegro tourism is Qatari Diar, one of the world’s most innovative companies in the field of investment and property management.  Qatari Diar plans to invest 250 million euros into hotel construction.  The plan for a luxury five-star tourist complex in Tivat adds to the choice of accommodation on offer at the high end of the holiday market.
The complex will be designed in traditional Mediterranean style and will include hotels, exclusive villas, a spa centre and other leisure facilities. There will also be a range of boutiques, restaurants and cafes for guests to enjoy.
The Qatari company is confident that Montenegro has huge potential for tourism development and the realisation of this project will support the government in transforming the country into a draw for high-spending visitors. Constructing the hotel will also promote the breathtaking landscape of Montenegro across the world. Again, being sensitive to the natural beauty of the surrounding environment, the company has completed detailed topographic, geologic and bathymetric surveys, taking care to note the preservation of natural features and vegetation.
Qatari Diar have been working closely with the local community to ensure that benefits are brought to all key stakeholders in the project. It is hoped that local companies will be employed, wherever possible, as subcontractors throughout the development process.
With such major developers investing in Montenegro tourism, the country is confident in the future of its tourist industry.
Sveti Marko island