The Best Breakfast in the Old Town of Kotor

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at Scala Santa Restaurant

Recently, after closing the quarantine, when all the hospitality businesses in Montenegro got back to working normal hours, we got the pleasure to enjoy breakfast at Scala Santa – our favourite restaurant in the Old Town of Kotor.

Scala Santa has prepared an amazing concept for breakfast and this will be the first season that they operate from early morning hours. While sitting at the sunny terrace and enjoying beautiful sceneries of the Old Town, with around 25 degrees outdoors, we couldn’t ask for more, but Scala Santa gave it to us! A perfect breakfast menu for everyone’s choice – classics or vegetarian: bacon and eggs, omelette with ham and cheese or vegetarian, mushroom-scrambled eggs and the delicacy of the house – Scala Santa Breakfast with salmon tartar, cheese and fresh salad.

We couldn’t help it but to enjoy to the most extravagant, but we were thinking of all of you who’d love to feel this, so we captured the moments in the amazing photos! Enjoy the gallery and feel free to spend some amazing time at one of the most beautiful terraces in Kotor, with a rich and affordable breakfast! A true Mediterranean experience, if you ask us!