Summer Videos Project 2019 - My Guide Montenegro

Press Releases

With our primary goal being a guideline, the team of the My Guide Network in Montenegro has come up with an idea to release the Summer Videos Project 2019 in cooperation together with our clients so that we can increase common visibility during the summer months and win a new potential audience. 

Many visitors are being interested to visit Montenegro, from all over the world, and our global network is providing us with an opportunity to share the destination news all around the globe!

"The primary goal of all that we do, including this project, is always promoting the destination. With this goal, we have another and that is promoting our loyal customers and their businesses on our website, to as many visitors as possible. Our network tends to cooperate with like-minded people and we are carefully picking the best from the destination for all sets of budget, to recommend it to our gladly seen visitors!", says Andjela Djokic, the Country Manager at MGM.  

It is planned for the project to be implemented by the end of September, starting in June. Already in the first days of July, we will start with publishing videos from the spots we visited and witnessed their level of service, experienced natural beauties, as well as the atmosphere. It will be a real-time reportage for all of you visiting Montenegro and willing to visit spots and places we recommend!

Enjoy and send us your valuable feedback!