Summer 2024 at the Regent Porto Montenegro

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Regent Porto Montenegro's Summer Events Calendar 2024 promises an unforgettable season brimming with a diverse array of cultural, musical, and culinary experiences and is designed to cater to both locals and international visitors, offering a perfect blend of elegance and excitement.

So, without further ado, let us 'read you' through the events that await you and mark some of the amazing ones that have already ended.


Made in NY Jazz Festival

Bringing the vibrant rhythms of New York's jazz scene to the Adriatic coast, the 'Made in NY Jazz' event at Synchro Porto Montenegro is a must-attend for jazz enthusiasts. This special night features acclaimed jazz musicians who will fill the air with electrifying performances, transporting attendees to the lively streets of New York City. Enjoy an evening of soulful melodies and improvisational genius in a setting that perfectly complements the sophisticated ambience of the Porto Montenegro coastal village.

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International Fashion Festival (IFF)

The International Fashion Festival (IFF) at Porto Montenegro is a glamorous celebration of global fashion. This festival gathers top designers, models, and fashion enthusiasts for a showcase of cutting-edge styles and trends. With stunning runway shows, exclusive after-parties, and the luxurious backdrop of Porto Montenegro, the IFF promises to be a highlight of the summer. Attendees will witness the latest in fashion innovation and have the chance to mingle with industry leaders in an unparalleled setting.

Date July 19, 2024
Find more information here and join us at the Synchro Runaway.

Rubix Festival

Rubix Festival at Synchro Porto Montenegro is a diverse and innovative event that combines music, art, and technology. This dynamic gathering features live performances from avant-garde musicians, interactive art installations, and cutting-edge digital displays. Designed to engage all the senses, Rubix offers a multi-dimensional experience that pushes the boundaries of traditional entertainment. Perfect for those seeking a unique and immersive cultural experience, Rubix is set to be a standout summer event.

Date August 8-10, 2024
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Emerald Vibes at Onyx Bar & Garden

The Onyx Bar & Garden is the place to be for evening entertainment. Every Thursday, 'Soundscapes Sessions' offers a peaceful experience with musical beats from the resident DJ.

Fridays are transformed by 'Rockabilly Friday', featuring Montenegro’s pioneering rockabilly band, Eliza Stark and The Dappers, who bring the timeless allure of old-school rock and roll.
Additionally, the monthly 'Midweek Heat by Beluga' event offers unlimited cocktails and live performances by Nina Zizic, creating a lively and refreshing midweek escape.



Azure Gastronomy at Murano Restaurant

Murano Restaurant invites you to embark on a culinary journey with its series of themed dinners. It all started in May with the 'Summer Tastes of Murano', a four-course dinner with wine pairing, continuing with each event that showcases reimagined summer menus full of local flavours, accompanied by live music.

Continuation includes the 'Fishermen’s Dinner' in June, with a traditional klapa band, 'Flavours of Montenegro' in July, with folklore performances, and 'A Decade of Fine Cuisine' in August, a six-course dinner celebrating ten years of culinary excellence.

Other than these amazing experiences, every Thursday, the Murano Restaurant hosts Live Music to enrich your dining experience with timeless melodies.

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Golden Delights at Gourmet Corner

Gourmet Corner offers delightful culinary experiences throughout the week. 'Breakfast with Bubbles' makes summer mornings sparkle with Prosecco and freshly brewed coffee.

Every afternoon, the 'Lunch Special' enhances your meal with a 20% discount on a combination of your favourite dish and a sumptuous dessert.

Evenings are perfect for 'Sunset Chill', where you can unwind with refreshing cocktails as the sun sets. 'Summer Night Jams' on Tuesdays feature soft acoustic covers of international hits by Jelena Bozovic, providing a relaxing musical backdrop on the marina promenade terrace.

Booking and Information

For reservations and further information about these events, please contact us or write to Regent Porto Montenegro directly, at this link.
Stay updated with any changes or additions to the calendar through our website. Don’t miss out on the chance to elevate your summer with these exceptional experiences.