Rivers in Podgorica

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Podgorica is the administrative capital of Montenegro. It's the biggest city in the country by a number of inhabitants, and the second biggest, geographically, after the city of Nikšić. It is a very modern and contemporary city that is still growing. 

Podgorica is located in the biggest plain in Montenegro, which is part of Skadar-Podgorica basin. This basin is very rich in waters and besides the Skadar Lake, there are numerous rivers that are cracking this plain apart.

Montenegro is a country with a very large hydro-potential, a land with many rivers, natural and artificial lakes and, of course, the Adriatic Sea. Rivers in Montenegro are both - beautiful and very clean. Some of them, such as Tara on the north that is UNESCO protected, are crystal clear and their water is drinkable. 

Podgorica can be proud of its six rivers, flowing through the city and its rims - Morača, Ribnica, Zeta, Sitnica, Mareza and Cijevna. We allow ourselves to say that the city of Podgorica is very rich in waters because it's not only rivers but a lot of groundwater that makes this area well known for healthy drinking water, as well. The existence of these rivers turns Podgorica and the near surroundings into very fertile areas and the possibilities of agriculture, livestock breeding and viticulture are various and very frequent. In the triangle between Cijevna, Ribnica and Morača Ćemovsko Field, where famous Montenegrin vineyards are located spreads. With a great quality of yield, the factory 'Plantaze 13. Jul' produces excellent wines and other alcoholic drinks, such as the famous 'rakija' (fruits brandy, locally produced, usually made of grapes).

Here are some facts about the six rivers in Podgorica, also celebrated in traditional songs.

Morača is the biggest river in Podgorica and a river with one of the most beautiful canyons in Montenegro and Balkans. It separates Morača mountain range of Sinjajevina mountain wreath. The river springs in the north of the country on the height of 975m. Morača Canyon is distinguished by very deep but very beautiful canyons and gorges. The river flows to the south and after 113 kilometres it flows into Skadar Lake, and it's the biggest tributary of the lake. Podgorica is well known for 9 bridges on Morača: Millenium, Vako Đurović Bridge (Vezirov), Krivi, Viseći Bridge, Union, Moscow, Blažo's bridge, Skaline and Slovenski Bridge which are symbols of the town. 

Zeta is the biggest tributary of the Morača river. A total length of the flow is about 85 kilometres. Coasts of the river are very fertile, especially in the Zeta Plain, south of Podgorica, towards the Skadar Lake,  where many inhabitants grow fruits and vegetables and that area is famous for agriculture (potato, kiwi, watermelon, tomato and many others...).

Ribnica is a small river that runs through Podgorica, and it's also a tributary to Morača. Their confluence is in the city centre. It's mainly dried up in the summer. In the middle ages, Podgorica was known as Ribnica, named after this river. 

Sitnica is also Morača tributary. In the upper flow, the river is called Matica. On the enter of Tološi Field, it's changing its name and proceed as Sitnica. The total length of the flow of Matica and Sitnica is about 20 kilometres.

Cijevna is another Morača tributary. It flows through Montenegro and Albania. The Cijevna Canyon is located at the fifth kilometre from Podgorica, towards the Albanian border Bozaj and it is very attractive. The water in Cijevna is very cold during the whole year and it is drinkable at the most of its flow. Cijevna has beautiful waterfalls, located in the place Kuće Rakića, near Podgorica, which is one of the favourites getaways from the city.

And last but not the least, river Mareza. It is a small river, which originates at the Mareza Springs, which are the source of the most of the Podgorica's drinking water. From there, Mareza has a small flow with a form of a small canal and empties into Morača, on the south of Podgorica. Mareza Springs is also a name of another favourable excursion sight of Podgorica citizens, especially in summer, when is very hot in Podgorica and the Springs nice and cooler and refreshing. Mareza also provides water for the artificial pond for fish breeding.

Even though Podgorica is becoming more and more modern, with great buildings and wide boulevards, in order to promote itself as a prosperous capital city and to attract more tourists, it has beautiful nature and living environment and it stands as one of the greenest cities in Europe!