New 'Feel Fit' Menu and Healthy Lifestyle Promotion

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at the Capital Plaza and Living Room

The Capital Fitness Centre and The Living Room Lounge & Dining have organised the promotion of healthy lifestyles for Montenegrin media representatives. All participants had an opportunity to learn about the techniques of regular exercising intended for modern man, as well as to try out the new Feel Fit menu, which is presented through a kind of protein diet.

"We live in a time when we forget to behave right to our physical health. With that in mind, I presented a couple of exercises that can help my media colleagues in everyday life. Exercises are intended for people who are dominantly sitting by the computer while performing their duties, and therefore have problems with spinal hygiene," said nutritionist and trainer at The Capital Fitness Centre - Professor Marko Vukotić.

After the training, a tasting of the new 'Feel Fit' menu was organised in The Living Room, the Centreville Lounge Bar.

"Feel Fit has been created in relation to the needs of a modern human, who look out for the daily intake of calories, carefully select their diet and take care of their health. The Living Room constantly monitors gastronomic trends, and nutrition is what is the current hit, but certainly the need as well," said the Chef of the cuisine of the Centreville Hotel, Saša Popović. "My work was created in cooperation with Nutritionist, Professor Marko Vukotić, and Nutrition Advisor Jovana Vukotić, who are coaches at The Capital Fitness Center."

The Capital Fitness Centre and The Living Room invite all citizens to actively reflect on their lifestyles and recommend the activities that are being developed and updated on a daily basis in this domain. Feel Fit menu is just one of the synergy that awaits all visitors to The Capital Plaza Centre.